Lee & Morty Kaufman- the couple in the Swiffer ads

This is a sweet article* about the Kaufmans, the couple in the Swiffer ads. They’re real people and that’s really their house.

It begins,

Both widowed, they married in their 40’s, and now in their 90’s, have been married 44 years. Their new celebrity leaves them a little bumfuzzled. They are still very much in love and readily compromise and give in to each other. “Each one at any given moment is willing to let the other one take the day,” said [Mrs. Kaufman’s daughter, age 62]. “I don’t think anyone has a vested interest in standing their ground.”They also have his-and-hers dens where each can indulge their own interests and levels of tidiness.

In my next life, I hope to have a marriage like theirs. :cool:
*NYTimes article–may affect your quota if you’re not a subscriber.

Too bad it’s all for such a… contrived product.

They were recently on The Ellen Show, and they appeared to be exactly like the couple in the ads - no acting, just the real couple.

When I first saw the ad, somehow I thought the two of them were really married - not sure why, but they just gave that vibe.

I like how he calls her “babe” in the commercial. I think it’s great that they’re raking in the big bucks at this time in their lives.

I also like the Swiffer. I don’t know why a floor cleaning doo-dad would be “contrived.” :confused: One of the house cleaners I used to have always called it the “Swifter.”

They’re a very sweet couple but the part where she wrings out the nasty wet mop w/ her bare hands makes me cringe. I bet she usually wears gloves when she does that, or uses the kind of mop that has a squeezer attachment of some kind. No way she’d put her bare hands on the mop head like that.
That aside, they’re genuine and I totally buy that they’ve been married since before I was born.

I am so happy to hear they married later, because I’ve been married 42 years and they tell us on the commercial that they’ve been married for 44, and all I could think is, “Do I look that old?”

They seem like a nice, sweet couple.