Can we do commercials we love again?

Because while most of the commercial for the new Swiffer deal is kind of dumb, the Mariachi band playing “Baby Come Back” cracks me up every single time. I don’t know, maybe it’s the guitar player in me that likes the arrangement of the song, or it’s the guys running past the window at the end, but I love this commercial.


I like the one for the cellphone company where the two teenagers are bickering over who gets the new and who gets the “old” rollover minutes. The exasperated mom comes in and mixes them up on the table and holds one up to the pouting son: “Is this new or old?” “mumble mumble” “IS THIS NEW OR OLD?” “I can’t tell.”

Swiffer, is that the one with the old mop that wants to be taken in again by the housewife? They truly succeed in making an old mop look lonely and forlon. In a very small way, I feel sorry for the poor guy. Oh, and I definitely need a girlfriend.

I really like the one for Tide (I think) where the guy is in a job interview and the stain on his shirt keeps yelling nonsense whenever he tries to talk. I laugh my head off every time.

A friend just sent me this wonderful Nando’s Chicken ad.

“Love” is too strong a word (and I haven’t seen it recently), but alone amoung all the anti-drug adverts I have ever seen, this one made me go “hmm, thats a fair point, well made” as opposed to “wtf? are our tax dollars paying for this crap?”.

Its the one with the young kid going through his elder brother’s personal effects and thoughtfully picking up his wallet. At which point you are meant to assume the elder brother has died some hideous drug-related death, and the message is “think of the children”, but suddenly the kid turns around and yells something like “Frank, you left your wallet in the laundry again!”. And it transpires his dope-smoking elder brother is alive and well, just still living at home with his parents, despite being a full grown man.

The current run of Brooke Sheilds’ commercials for Volkswagen are admittedly making me laugh.

I like this one too. I don’t know why I like it so much. Must be the mom’s definitive way of solving the dispute.


I like the T-Mobile cell phone commercial where the dad comes home to announce to his family that he’s signed them up for the family talk plan. They each describe who they wish to call. (The son mentions that the dad can call that woman at the boy’s soccer games the dad is always staring at.) The daughter mentions that she wants to call her friend Derek but Dad points out the “no Dereks with a mustache and a Mustang” clause and says to her, “What a drag, dude.” It makes me laugh every time.

The Mr. Bill one had my buddy and I rolling on the floor the first time. But for the life I me I can’t recall what he is selling.

I love all the animals in the Telus commericals. A couple of faves are the Bundle and the Flamingos. It’s the combo of fuzzy, cute animals and some pretty good songs.

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.

I laugh at that one every single time, in large part because I work with a guy who looks like the guy’s brother and has exactly that kind of sense of humor.

If network promotional spots count as commercials, the Game Show Network has one that make me laugh every time. There’s a Crazy Cat Lady, sitting with her cat and surrounded by cat figurines, watching Family Feud. For every answer, she says “cat!” which is always wrong. At the end, she turns to her cat and says something like “the next one will be cat.”

I currently love the ad for the new scrubbing bubbles toilet sticky. When the lady pulls out the old toilet freshener, the scrubbies all go “Ewww”, complete with gross faces. I giggle everytime.

The MasterCard commercial with the little kids that “get you” dancing to “We Want the Funk”.

I like the E-trade toddler series.
The first one where he up-chucks and responds with a “whoa…”
The second one where he uses his extra cash to hire a clown but underestimates the creepiness factor.
And the third one where the naughty girl texts him and then calls him and he asks “hey girl, can I hit you back?”

I love The Discovery Channel’s “Boom-dee-a-da” song.

I like the rollover minute one where Dad throws the “milky” minutes away. “My sister would love to have those minutes!” “Isn’t she lactose intolerant?” The boys all snerk. Cracks me up every time!

I love both of the rollover minutes commercials, too. You know, some people don’t get any rollover minutes at all! You just think about that.

And I love that the minutes are literally little orange clocks.