Can we do commercials we love again?

I love that one because that is exactly how I would react in such a situation. And then my wife would smack my arm and tell me to stop acting like our 12 year old children.

I love that one too, mostly because of the son mentioning the woman his dad always stares at. It’s so funny and random.

T-Mobile has really been hitting it out of the park lately. This onefrom a few months back was hilarious.

Definitely the Discovery Channel one with the “Boom de a da” song.

We have one here for Kaiser Permanente, with a pudgy little boy dressed in a suit, talking about how when he was younger he didn’t take care of himself (complete with examples_, but now that he’s older (he’s all of about 8) he knows how important it is. There’s a scene where he says “The drinking was the worst” and it shows him with a 2-liter bottle of soda, chugging the whole thing down. Cracks me up every time.

Another vote for The Discovery Channel Commerical -I love the whole world!

…How he “hung out with a ‘bad crowd’” (Shows his big lazy hound flopped on the couch while he plays video games.) There’s this mournful blues music playing in the background the whole time too - it’s a riot!

These always crack me up - especially “I underestimated the creepiness factor.”
Definitely my favorite.

OMG, is that what the XKCD comic was riffing on?


I love the “Baby Come Back” Swiffer ones too.

And for the life of me, I can’t remember the other one I see that prompts me to think, I need to mention this as a favorite on SDMB. :smack:

The one with the guy and girl on the elevator showing their CafePress politicalwear is fun.

Took me a while to find the comic in the archive:

I like a couple of the cellphone commercials where a character introduces himself and says “Hi, So and So’s phone here” The implication is that their service is inferior and there are no bars where they are.

The one with the family at the European? beach “Mommy, why are they all naked?” and

the one where the mom running a kid’s birthday party didn’t get the call that a T-Rex would be sent out instead of “Frank the fun loving dinosaur”

Apple’s “1984”
and the hilarious, brilliant first “Got Milk?” commercial:

“I didn’t give him cookies, I gave him cheese!”

Cingular’s Mother/daughter argument. It’s brilliant and funny.

We have a series of TV/radio ads for a car dealer featuring a badger as a sleazy car salesman…this one is my favorite.

wiggle wiggle wump

I came in to nominate this one! I LOVE these commercials, I turn the sound up every time they come on TV! So much fun.

I hadn’t seen those before–very cool.

This one for featuring Matt Hasselbeck really tickles me.

This is a favorite of mine as well. Not only is it EXACTLY what would happen if cell phone minutes were issued in a tangible form, but the mom is real-world-beautiful rather than fashion-model-beautiful, like the pathological liar in the Glade commercials, and RWB is always more interesting.

These are also good; I’m particularly fond of the Michael Phelps oneand the dinosaur party one. More real-world-hotness.

There’s a series of ads by some flooring manufacturer - maybe Armstrong Floors - that are really funny to me. One of them shows some guy dressed as a flamenco dancer (kind of), dancing (alone) passionately to some gooey music when suddenly his wife and son return from shopping. The guy swoops off his headband/scarf and says, “You guys are home early”, obviously mortified to be caught in his guilty secret. The looks on his wife and son’s faces are just perfect: complete shock and disbelief. Plus they even look alike. It’s just really well done -good acting, good writing.

The other three in the series are also excellent. One of them is a couple grazing from the fridge, the husband tells the wife the chinese food is still good and she sniffs it and falls back in a dead faint. The husband comes up and sniffs it and falls down himself as well. Then there’s the cat who turns into a chicken, another good one.