Can we do commercials we love again?

That echo you hear is me laughing along with you… though I’m not sure why this amuses me as much as it does.

I also cast a vote for the rollover minutes commercials. I love how exasperated the mother is. And really… “Isn’t your sister lactose intolerant” is one of the best lines ever.

Gotta agree. This is where REAL MILFs beat manufactured ones. Sure, anybody can find a beat-up, middle-aged woman. The art is finding one who guys OF ALL AGES wish to, um, take to the prom.

…AND a new mop! Can we face the facts here, where we have laid out the extent of our nebishness, that, HONEST TO WHOEVER WE WORSHIP AS A GOD, a better mophead can really fix many of your mopping woes? I mean, how many of us have used, PROFESSIONALLY, one of those rag mops and an industrial-strength wringer? Show of hands, including me? LOTS? Thought so.

I like the Sonic commercials. The ones with the two guys talking about really stupid stuff. The tot rejection one is hilarious. The husband and wife are great also (speaking of MILFS).

The clown one caught me totally off guard the first time I saw it and I wound up laughing so hard, my laptop nearly hit the deck.

i like the Geico as with the little kid who will put Mike Wallace in the wall.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t go fishing with the man, but the story ends with me putting him in the wall.”

Just saw my favorite current commercial. It’s one of those that’s just random–and they can be hit-or-miss–, but this one makes me smile every time I see it.

It’s the Snickers commercial where there are five “historical figures” riding in a car together. They are comprised of: a Greek (from ancient times), a Pilgrim, a Pacific Islander (?), a Daniel Boone/mountain man type is driving, and King Henry VIII (presumably) is riding shotgun. The moment where they all burst into the chorus of Greensleeves is perfect.

link to commercial on youtube

Judging by the full movie version, it’s a Viking, not a Daniel Boone/mountain man. Road trip!

Do you know what the song for “the bundle” is? I really like that song.

I see that it is “Little Green Bag” by George Baker Selection.

I often like the Coors Lite commercials. The ones where they take clips from football coaches and insert people “interacting” with them. They aren’t always funny, but they often make me laugh.

So it is–thanks for the link! I had no idea there were so many episodes, though now I do remember the one where the Viking throws the trash can.

Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Bar

My favorite.

“Cinnamon roll? That’s something you send your sister.”

That’s the first commercial I thought of when I saw the thread title. I love that commercial, it never gets old for me.

I’ll also chime in on the rollover minutes family, and echo Skald’s thought that it portrays exactly what teenagers would do with minutes if they were physical objects.

Ha! Cute. I’m gonna look for that one. My daughter does something similar when she’s watching Jeopardy!, only her answers are “France!” and “Roosevelt!”

My favorite is the “Feelin’ like a Sunday, fun day” promo with a bunch of football fans and players singing, all happy and jaunty. The referee in particular makes me laugh.

My husband hates the Burger King mushroom & swiss troubadors, but they’re growing on me. “Ha ha ha”.

I love these. My buddies and I almost went as these guys for Halloween this year, but we had no one to be Henry VIII or the Hawaiian guy.

I prefer the previous commercial with these guys, where they’re at the gas station. The pilgrim guy tells the viking guy they’re out of regular Snickers. He yells “NOOOOO!” and throws a trashcan at a random car. Then the pilgrim guy tells him he got him some new kind of Snickers instead. The viking guy yells “YAAAAY!” and throws another trashcan. :smiley:

Midas Tire Canadian Car Chase commercial. That hardly ever happens here. :smiley:

Definitely agreed. Along with just about every other ESPN/Sportscenter ad involving funny stuff at Bristol with random sports celebrities. Those always make me laugh.

I hated it the first time, but now I laugh every time I see this one.

I usually hate the Lying Glade Lady but I saw a recent one where she was passing off a Glade gingerbread cookie scent as her own fresh baked cookies when the Gingerbread Man started talking to rat her out so she bit his head off. The look on her face and her friend’s faces was priceless.