Left 4 Dead vs Left 4 Dead 2

I want to buy one of these games for the PC. I’ve spent many happy hours playing Left 4 Dead splitscreen with friends, and love it; but I’m worried that most MP games are on L4D2 now. So, where should I go?

And are Dopers still active on L4D? I’d love to do a few Doper Only runs.

It isn’t even close.

There’s no reason to not go with 2, at this point. It has most (all, by now?) of the maps from L4D1, so you don’t lose much, while gaining all the many additional play options and the extra Specials.

Heck, the addition of the Spitter alone cured most of the gameplay stagnation problems that L4D1 had, making it hard for survivors to really lock down an area without spreading out significantly to cover spawn area, with all the risk that comes with that. I wouldn’t want to go back to the enforced methodical pace of 1.

Alright! Downloading Left 4 Dead 2.

Who wants to play a game in an hour or 2? :stuck_out_tongue: