Left-wing dopers, I tell you now, Bush may not have lied.

Judging from all the evidence on hand, it is extremely likely that Bush lied. However, people look at arguments in favor of Bush’s bald-faced lying, and come away from it with the idea that people are making the claim that bush lied, proof-positive.

Thus, I ask that rather then make the claim that bush lied, that dopers use phrases like “Bush almost certainly lied.” Or, “All evidence points to bush lying.”

Why do I ask this, because, if people do so, then hopefully, we will stop hearing people make the claim that leftists have an extremely simplistic “bushiseeeeeeeeevil” view.

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Oh, yeah right, like the other side will ever stop seeing our these stereotypes, rather then what we actually say. Yeah, right. Ha!

::Wipes away a tear of laughter::


At first I was thinking you had posted this in the wrong form.

But then I decided that it is mundane, pointless stuff. Why you feel you must share it, I dunno. :smiley:

Arrgh. For ‘form’ in my post above, please read ‘forum.’

Sometimes the fingers type much faster than the mind thinks. :smack:

Personally, I read it as forum, till you pointed it out.

Once more, please.

Scott Plaid, I have been wondering this for a little while, and so hope that you don’t find me rude if I ask you if English is your first language.

No, I don’t mind if you ask. However, I don’t see what is unclear about my statement. Anyone want to rephrase this for him?

Only left-wing people can be cynical? You learn somethign every day…

Basically, this is mostly in response to Shodan’s latest post, broken down into chunks here. However, I am not annoyed enough to pit him, just to show that if people used the phrase “It is likely that Bush lied about (blank)”, rather then the claim “Bush lied. Full stop.”, we (liberals) might have a few less objection from the other side. Not that much less, but still…

You are correct and I’ve sometimes had the same thought. But would it make much difference to anybody on the right? Would it make any difference to Shodan, and even if so, would it be worth the effort?

Sure. How about “No, I don’t mind. But I think my statement is perfectly clear. Can anyone help out here?”


It looks like I have accidentally written down my thoughts in code. To be specific, the code used by those who are annoyed with bush apologist in GD.

Damn. :frowning:

It’s not enough to use the phrase. There’s gotta be proof involved, and to this date, absolutely no one has been able to prove that Bush has lied about anything.

Of course, they are probably coming from the position that “I disagree with Bush, therefore he’s lying” and they really have nothing more than that. At least, that’s how it seems to me.

My thought on the subject pretty much agree with those of SteveG1

I figured as much. Does the original post actually mean THE FAT MAN WALKS ALONE, by any chance? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, refering to the atomic bomb would be kinda right wing, not a lef-wing code. :slight_smile:

Well, I meant the OP, rather then my request, but thanks anyway.

Okay then. Maybe the code means HOWARD DEAN WALKS ALONE? :smiley:

Well, I’ll give it a shot. Firing up the MonstreMatic Translator[sup]TM[/sup]
Dropping in the OP.

Translation: I think that Bush lied. I’m not going to actually say what I think Bush lied about, or be specific or anything. I’m probably stating the current popular claim of “Bush lied about Iraq having WMDs”. But then again, maybe I’m saying “Bush lied about having sex last with Laura last night.” I’ll just keep it vague, because “Bush lied” is a really fun catch-phrase, and then nobody can really argue against me for it. After all, most everybody has lied about something at some point in their lives.

Translation: Because some people make arguments in favor of the statement “Bush lied”, some other people are getting the idea that the first people are saying, “Bush lied”.

Translation: I will use a nice linking word so that it will appear that the point of what I am about to say actually follows from what I said a minute ago.

Translation: I will now make a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that we lefties should stop saying “Bush lied”, because it’s pissing off the righties and making them say, “But you don’t have definitive proof, so how can you say this as if it were fact?” – and maybe they will stop whining about proof if we give them a statement with the possibility of a tiny iota of uncertainty – like “Bush almost certainly lied” or “All evidence points to Bush lied” or “We are personally convinced that Bush lied”.

It’s a tongue in cheek suggestion, because I don’t really care if my fellow liberals start doing this or not – I just wanted to mock some stuff that Shodan and Bricker said in a current Great Debates thread, which I am too lazy to link to in this OP (never mind that such a link probably would have clued people in to why I’m actually posting it)… Maybe later in this thread, perhaps around post #9, I’ll put up a link to a post from that thread, although odds are good that it won’t contain any of the specific “Bush lied” discussion that sparked this OP idea.

Translation: Oh drat! I forgot how to do the strikethrough! Now this thread won’t have one, darn it all to heck!

Translation: Diabolical laughter. Or maybe diabolical acting… :smiley:

Scott, my Plaid Lad, you need to get out more. Turn your computer off, put some shoes on and go for a walk. Maybe even stop at a pub and buy a beer. Feel the breeze on your face and speak to someone you meet while you are out.

It’ll do you a world of good. Really.