Leftover turkey recipes?

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Bumpus dogs get the turkey [/quote]

This somehow links to something else. For anybody interested:

Mrs. L has been doing some bruschetta here of late. Sounds like just the kind of thing shredded turkey would work on.

Turkey pot pies, of course. I add some leftover gravy to the liquid for some extra umami. Instead of fussing around with pie crusts, I fill bowls with the turkey/veg mix and put puff pastry on top. Very easy. I also like turkey ala king on fresh biscuits, which is sort of a Thanksgiving version of biscuits and gravy.

Botched by Babish redid his Friend’s Moistmaker video and not only is the vid fun, that looks like one really good sandwich. Gonna do this with my left overs only prolly put a thicker layer of cranberry sauce.