Yikes! We sure have a lot of leftovers around here. Ground beef ‘taco meat’, Spanish rice, a serving of white rice, black beans, and at least two pounds of ‘Cuban’ roast pork! Plus roomie bought a large pizza for our dinner last night, and there are four slices left.

Well, I got rid of a little this morning. Breakfast was a ‘Taco Joe’, taco meat made into a sandwich. I’m going to have to repackage stuff and freeze it.

(Oh, and there’s kale and collard greens waiting to be cooked. And catfish in the freezer.)

Need any tomatoes for those tacos? Cuz we’ve got bushels of cherry tomatoes (red and yellow) maturing on what seems to be a daily basis.

We can always use tomatoes! I rarely eat them myself, but roomie does. There’s a little stand not far from here. Just a shed with an opening front. The homeowner puts out tomatoes, squash, and other things. People take what they want and put money into a locked box.

Too bad my medical isn’t scheduled until next week, and I haven’t scheduled a flight review yet. Three hundred miles would be a nice cross-country. (And roomie could fly shotgun! :smiley: )

C’mon down! We’ve been roasting the things a full baking pan at a time, with peppers and garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, then making bruschetta with it. It’s terrific, but how many tomatoes can a person eat? I think she now has an eye to doing some sort of canning with them, or maybe just roasting and freezing them. We gave away baggies of them to our Meals on Wheels people yesterday. Warm weather returns next week, and with the current rain the remaining toms are going to erupt. Hell, the bushes are still producing flowers!

Roomie bought corn tortillas. If I buy some avocados she can make guacamole. We have jalapeños and onions. I’ve some cilantro frozen in the freezer. I wonder if it’s good thawed? Anyway, I foresee frying up some pork and making ‘carnitas’ tacos.

Alas, cilantro doesn’t freeze well. So the ‘carnitas’ tacos will have to be without. :frowning:

I’ve used up the black beans and Spanish rice. Four massive pork, Spanish rice, and black bean burritos, and two huge ground beef taco meat, black bean, and shredded Cheddar cheese burritos are now wrapped, put into zip-top bags, and stowed in the freezer. There’s about a quart of shredded pork for tacos later.

Now I need to figure out what to do with the extra flour tortillas…

I make a mean pico de gallo

4 cups of diced, fresh tomatoes
3 cups of diced sweet onion
1/2 cup diced cilantro
1 or 2 finely diced serano peppers (depending how spicy you like it)
1 tsp fine garlic
1/2-1 tsp salt
dash pepper
the juice of one med lime.

Already burned out on pico, but thanks.

Cilantro does dehydrate well, though. I have a dehydrator, but you can look up oven dehydration techniques, too. Not the same, but a useful imitation.

That’s a really good goulash just waiting to happen. My cooking talent is one-pot meals - throw everything from the fridge in and enjoy! :slight_smile:

Allan Sherman’s Hungarian Goulash. Not the real stuff. :wink:

Roomie fried up the pork with some olive oil, and made the guacamole. I steamed corn tortillas and chopped the onion. (And chopped up some jalapeños for me to put in my guac.)

Mmm, that sounds good. I think we’ll be having Mexican tomorrow.

Johnny, just state what you have, and invite the Dopers. Heck, it all sounds so good, I’d be willing to make the trip.

Heh. There’s certainly enough for a few hungry Dopers! Six Man Vs. Food-sized burritos are in the freezer. Pizza was finished for lunch yesterday. Making a dent in the remaining pork.

We still need to cook the greens, and roomie might make catfish today. She bought two pounds, and I assume she’s going to thaw all of it. With greens and maybe some mac’n’cheese, there will be leftovers again…

Shredded leftover pork can be mixed with BBQ sauce and served with hamburger buns.

Pork and gravy go with just about anything.

Sliced pork and apple slaw make great sandwiches.

Annnnnnd since you’ve got flour tortillas, pork burritos!