Legal permanent residents being stopped at the border

That can’t possibly be legal, can it? :eek:

That’s behind a paywall for me, but other googling suggests that it’s not US dual citizens, but other countries’ dual citizens (say, France and Yemen) that are banned. US dual citizens can still get in on their US passport.

Still an incredibly inhumane and unAmerican policy.

It’s a hostile hacking of the system.

Don’t you know that The Donald is LOVING the fact that once again, he is in every headline in every media outlet in the world. And to have so many people objecting and opposing him must make him feel strong and powerful.

I can see him staring at his hands as he flexes them, stretching the fingers and then making them into fists. "Yeah, they are big, strong hands! Giant hands. The biggest hands in the world. With them I can keep people out of the country… or let them in by crooking my yuuuuge pinkie. Quick! Bring me another Executive Order to sign!"

Who cares? You got a problem with that?

You may be right. The entire article from The Wall Street Journal consisted of

Federal District Court grants nation-wide stay of the ban.

I got another link about the same thing:

Looks like it didn’t take long to get that class action suit filed!

From my reading of this, the government is prohibited from deporting those who have arrived or were en route as of the filing of the complaint. It would not be of help to anyone who was traveling back to the U.S. tomorrow, for example.

Further, it only prohibits deportation, it does not say that they must be released.

It will be mandatory.

I have been frustrated by “my side’s” knee-jerk reactions to every little twit-fit that the attention seeking President Preschooler spits out … this though is now something he has actually done, a likely illegal something that hopefully will not stand … but a horrific something.

To some few Republicans’ credits there are some beginning to speak out against it. To great shame their leadership is not among them. Mostly you have to look for it to come from those with large Muslim populations in their districts and the likes of Evan McMullin:

Thank goodness someone is speaking up!

Holy crap, how can these gutless representatives remain silent in the face of this bullshit.

Because they know that their demented, inbred “base” thinks this is wonderful. I’ve been perusing online news article comments tonight and I’m about ready to throw up blood, that’s how sick the Trumpies’ celebration of this EO has been. There are some really horrible people on the right…

:frowning: I know you’re right, and it makes me so sad and so angry. And sleepless.

Of the ban in toto? That’s not my reading. Looks like only a small subset, people who were in transit when it took effect. And only as to deportation.

The ban on dual citizens doesn’t apply to US citizens with dual citizenship, it applies to citizens of the evil countries he’s banning who are also dual citizens of *other *countries.

Despite being a lazy homebody, I’m almost willing to get out there and protest (except I just found out about this and it’s already been “resolved”). But no, this is not what a war on religion looks like. The 30 Years War was a war on religion and this is what it looked like:'_War#/media/File:The_Hanging_by_Jacques_Callot.jpg

Certainly, this would be a first step in that direction. But let’s save the extreme proclamations for once we get there.

This is a tragedy and a disgrace. But it’s not (yet) a war on religion.

“Resolved”? Due to a judge’s temporary order, a very tiny subset of the people affected will be kept locked up in detention instead of being deported immediately. Persons with American visas who hadn’t yet boarded their plane are having their tickets ripped up at the country of departure.

The Holocaust didn’t begin with gas ovens or even the “Night of Broken Glass.” It began with racist rhetoric, denied employments, and state-sponsored incitement of thugs to beat up the “inferior” people.

I loathe Trump fervently, but thought Godwinizing him was hyperbolic. Yet, tragedy strikes before he’s even warmed up the shitter in the Oval Office. :eek: :frowning:

So I’ve discovered since writing my post.

While we may have a POtuS that aspires to be a dictator, videos like these give me hope that America will not accept it.

rat avatar’s link is just a click away from: