Legal permanent residents being stopped at the border

The regime is preventing legal, permanent residents of the United States from entering the country from targeted countries.

Green card holders may not be citizens, but they are Americans. They have a right to be in this country.

Not any more. :frowning:


County abandons its values. Sad.

Pfft. “Facts”. :rolleyes:

There will be lawsuits a plenty. What an awful fucking Trump-made tragedy.

Any defenders of blocking legal permanent residents – law abiding people with jobs and homes and families?

This is who we are now.

In case anyone was confused, this is was an actual “war on religion” looks like.

But Christmas will be safe this year, right?

I’m guessing Trump supporters, at best, think this is a good idea, bad execution thing?

You can prove that Trump is being more than fair and only blocking the real threats. Looking at the list, it makes sense that Saudi Arabia isn’t on there. After all, nobody from Saudi Arabia ever committed a terrorist attack against the US.

The usual Trump defenders on this board are noticeably absent from this thread. Is it possible that their hero did something they’re not 100% on board with?

They’re out celebrating because at long last our country is safe from scientists, interpreters, students, and victims of savage civil wars.

Your theory is highly questionable as it involves Trump supporters thinking.

Trump supporters? I don’t think they exist.

Judging from the kinds of things I’ve seen posted in other threads, they’ll just read a phrase like “returned to Iraq” or “returned to Syria” and consider it a job well done. The fact that, say, a doctor’s wife is being prevented from rejoining her husband in the US doesn’t matter, because facts don’t matter, or if they ever do, there are always “alternative facts”. Now we know what “basket of deplorables” means.

I see that a lot of protests are starting at major international airports like JFK, SFO, LAX, etc.

Not just green cards, folks.
It also applies to full-blown citizens with dual citizenship from the listed countries. This is fucking insane!

Okay, I know that they don’t matter anymore, but how does this not violate the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965?

ETA: And how soon before a class action lawsuit seeking redress is filed?

Pfft. “Regulations”. :rolleyes:

So, stopping permanent residents returning with an executive order that was purportedly to prevent terrorists immigrating…

Is this a bug or feature?