Legend of the Red Dragon

Who here remembers the most bad-arse BBs gave ever? Got any cool stories from your LORD days? Remember your character? What was he/she at their peak?

I played it back in 1995 on my neighbor’s computer. It was my first experience with online gaming.

I didn’t do very well, though.

Yeah I remember that. I always got killed in my sleep. It sucked. So I set up my own BBS so me and a few friends could play it. Fun times, those days.

I defeated the Red Dragon himself and managed to marry that barmaid everyone liked. I enjoyed some of the mini-games that could be found. There were all sorts of share ware programmers who made mini-games for LoTRD.

I miss other games like TradeWars 2020, Pimp Wars, and this one game where you managed a galactic empire. You had planets who specialized in food, tourism, production, and other stuff. Very cool.


lol, I would have been the guy who kept stealing Tika the Barmaid away from ya pal :wink: My favorite character was a level 20 T M named MiSFiT… I was a big enough dork to know the color codes for the game when I typed. Sad… :smiley: fond memories though…

bump C’mon… I know more of youse have played this!

My wife ran a BBS, so I not only got to play it, I got to try installing different add-ons and modifications too! I fondly remember some of the enemies I created for my custom version: Cybernetic Alien Predator, Robot War Machine, Walking Cactus, and Line Noise. Hee-hee:

“You encounter Line Noise.”
Line Noise hits you with it’s NO CARRIER for 500 damage points!”
(after winning: )“The Line Noise has cleared up.”

Oddly enough though, what I really got into in a huge way was the belated follow on to the original L.O.R.D., LORD II. LORD II, if you never saw it, was an ANSI based 2d game where your little smiley face character got to explore a huge world. I actually taught myself to program (a little) in Pascal just so I could write patches for that game.

Yeah, I never got into LORD II. I DID however do a shitload of IGM’s. I had two LORD games running on my BBS. One was a small, everyone come play here, only 10 or so IGM’s LORD; and the other one was an invite only with something like 200 IGM’s. I could copy your character into it, so basically you would play on that invite only for a while to ‘cheat’ and use the IGM’s to boost yourself, and then i’d port you back to the regular game. It was an appease God type of thing to get in… ahh the BBS days, where the SysOp was your tiny, Local God… :slight_smile:

Legend of the Red Dragon was cool until I beat it several times. There was one called Usuper that was really good. You could customize your character a lot, and you could try to mix potions to give you special abilities. You could also duel other players, or try to assassinate them in their sleep (when they were offline). To protect yourself you could hire guards or set magical traps. Another good game was called Extilius. That one had a wide variety of races and classes, guilds you could join, quests to complete, and other good stuff. The main problem was that the designers made everything overinflated; to get to 10th level you needed 1000000000 experience for example. It wasn’t unbalance, since you got huge amounts of gold and xp to pay for items and training, but the numbers were really beyond comprehension, especially considering the lack of commas.