Legends of Tomorrow Season 6

Season 6 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premieres on May 2, 2021. Note the schedule change: Legends now airs on Sunday rather than Tuesday. In other words, Legends and Supergirl have switched days.

It’s the Legends…IIIN SPAAAAAAACE!

Casting changes: Of the OG Legends, only Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/White Canary), Dominic Purcell (Mick Rory/Heatwave), and Amy Louise Pemberton (Gideon) remain. Jess Macallan (Ava), Matt Ryan (Constantine), Nick Zano (Nate Heywood/Steel), Tala Ashe (Zari Tarazi), Olivia Swann (Astra Logue), and Matt Ryan (Constatine) continue as regular cast members. Shayan Sobhain (Behrad Tarazi) and Adam Tsekhman (Gary Green) have been promoted to series regulars. Lisseth Chavez will join as a new main cast member. David Ramsey has been making the rounds of all the Arrowverse shows and will reprise his Arrow role of John Diggle. Mina Sundwall will also be returning as Mick’s daughter Lita.

S0601 Ground Control to Sara Lance

Season premiere on Sunday night. Looks like the show is hitting the ground running.

A MISSING CAPTAIN - After a night of celebrating their beating the Fates, the Legends quickly discover that Sara is missing. Trying to keep it together, the Legends are shocked to discover that she was taken by Aliens. Ava sends Rory and Behrad to follow a lead on who can possibly help them find Sara, while Constantine tries to work his magic. Meanwhile, Sara does all she can to try to escape, which includes releasing Aliens into the timeline, but is shocked to learn who one of her kidnappers turns out to be.

"Being an avenger is stupid" - Sara Lance … in space!

Best season premiere in the Arrowverse, and I include Superman and Lois in that assessment. It wasted little time getting right into the plot, introducing the new character, and the new way the Legends messed up the timeline yet again – this time with aliens! Plus an actual tie-in to greater Arrowverse continuity: Got a problem with aliens? Call the DEO! Oh, right, it was destroyed by Rama Khan at the end of last season’s Supergirl.

Not to say that the episode didn’t have some good character moments:

  • Ava with her clipboard (Scenario 601 – not so coincidentally the same as the episode number) predicting every Legends’ reaction to Sara’s alien abduction.

  • Zari 2.0 putting her social skills to good use.

  • Behrad smoking pot until he got inspiration.

  • Gideon gleefully offering to dissect Esperanza’s brain.

  • Mick rather alarmingly being the voice of reason amidst all the madness.

And just because they could, the writers and composers threw in David Bowie and “Space Girl”: