Legends of Tomorrow Season 7

I thought it was a perfectly serviceable children’s animated Christmas special, which is what it was. It had the traditional Christmas messages, updated to include streaming services and social media, plus sly digs at the “algorithms”. Oh, and a killer robot. It also included the now-standard Legends messages of diversity and inclusiveness in the now-standard subtle Legends manner. OK, maybe not so subtle. It was a kids’ show, after all.

I particularly liked Santa’s song about what he’ll do now that he’s no longer in charge of Christmas, with Beebo’s counterpoint of what will happen if the other holiday mascots take over. (Will the Easter Christmas Bunny hide presents in the snow?)

Ready to see a whole crew of evil Legends? The season resumes Wednesday (Jan 12).

S07E08 Paranoid Android

SEEING THINGS DIFFERENTLY - Sara starts to realize her team is making questionable choices when it comes to the timeline. Trying to figure out who is behind everything, Sara discovers some harsh truths.

I think the actors were having far too much fun playing evil versions of the themselves. Nick Zano, especially, really enjoyed wearing those inflatable arms.

S07E09 Lowest Common Demoninator

EMOTIONS RUN HOT - When Gideon jumps the time machine into the Manor Dimension, the which lands in Hell, and Astra realizes that a damned 90’s reality show crew sneaks into the manner causing havoc. Unbeknownst to the Legends, the reality tv crew is causing emotions to spike, and Sara and Ava share their true feelings about their roles as Co-Captains. Behrad seeks advice about Astra from Nate and Zari, but Behrad finds that his past is put on display instead. Meanwhile, when Gideon’s opinions are ignored and her relationship with Gary is dismissed, no one could have anticipated what happens.

and doing his impression of Mick Rory’s voice

Yes! As well as Mick’s face. (I’d wondered why Zano was doing that weird thing with his mouth. Now I get it — it was part of his Rory impression!)

Not only were the actors having fun being other characters (esp. Lotz), but it seemed as though the director enjoyed shooting half the episode as if it were Big Brother.

Quite possibly one of the funniest episodes of Legends. The best bit was them bleeping out all mentions of God and heaven, because they’re in hell. The worst bit was naked Spooner. WTF was up with that?