Leggings Fashion Question

I have a question regarding the wearing of leggings. Now we all know that wearing leggings as pants is a mortal sin. However, if I am wearing leggings under a dress or skirt, how bad is it if the crotch of those leggings show intermittently, such as when I crouch or sit cross-legged?

As bad as if I were flashing my underwear?

Not quite that bad, but still inappropriate?

Not bad at all, similar to exposing the crotch of one’s pants?


Depends on your body shape, weight, and if you have camel toe.

Of course the fact that there is a sizable constituency that is vehemently opposed to leggings as pants is proof that there is a sizable contingent that is fine with it. No one gets worked up about enforcing principles that everyone agrees on.

A number of my female friends are fine with leggings as pants, but I know a lot of runners. :slight_smile:

Survey says, not as bad.

It’s fine. I don’t like leggings as pants (although if you’re exercising, whatever), but approve of them under short dresses and tunic-length shirts. The whole point of the garment is that ‘flashing’ your butt/crotch in a short outfit while wearing leggings is perfectly decent and socially acceptable.

So what about if I was wearing a tunic-length shirt and spent a large amount of time sitting cross-legged on the floor with the crotch of my leggings fully exposed? Is that appropriate? (Boy, that sounds dirty when typed out…)

Humm - I suppose it depends on exactly what sort of outfit you’re wearing.

If you’re wearing a legging under a dress or skirt and flashing your crotch…well, I would find that outrageous - like if you were wearing tights under the dress and flashing the crotch of those - that’s just not how you sit in a dress. It’s inappropriate. It’s not lady like and don’t give me some song and dance about ‘I don’t care about lady like!’ Wearing a dress is lady like so if you’re going to, for Og’s sake have a bit of decorum.

However, if you’re wearing a tunic top then your leggings really are acting as pants (because you wouldn’t wear just a tunic top with no bottom RIGHT?!?!?) so in that case the crotch showing is just the same as if you were wearing skinny jeans under the top - no big deal.

I think as long as it mostly covers your crotch, you’re fine. I wear leggings both with a skirt/boots (to keep warm) and with tunic type tops. With long types, I try to make sure it covers my crotch when standing but if I’m sitting down and something shows, I don’t freak out.

Or what alice said! :slight_smile:

I think that’s fine - see comment about skinny jeans.

Well, full disclosure now, I’m talking about t-shirt or sweater-type casual dresses, and I spent all day cross-legged on the floor because that’s my job as a behavior therapist.

So far, I’ve only worn leggings under dresses or skirts that are long enough to completely cover my thighs when sitting down. I’m wondering if I can get away with wearing leggings with a tunic in this situation.

ETA: I see I have approval for this second scenario. Excellent. :wink:

Any shirt that is tunic length on me will conceal my crotch (perhaps not without a slight adjustment though) when I’m sitting cross-legged. ‘Tunic length’ is usually long enough to cover your ass while standing, sometimes as long as mid-thigh.

I would suggest thicker leggings in darker colors, just in case. And then pull your shirt or dress forward a bit when you sit on the floor, for extra coverage.

I suppose it’s different if your tunic/dress is tight all the way down. If there’s no flowing/extra fabric to drape a little for modesty, it could look kind of inappropriate…

I’d have to go with what Alice said, too - if your job dictates sitting cross-legged on the floor all day, a dress is not for you, with or without leggings (as in, with leggings is a little better than without, but still not appropriate).

Whether you can see anything or not, your patients will be distracted by it, and it will come off as trying to look sexier.

Depends on the material of the leggings. If there is any transparency, i.e. I could guess what colour knickers you’re wearing underneath, then it’s in appropriate. But if they’re thick leggings and I can’t see any more colour/detail than if you were wearing any other kind of trouser, then they’re fine. I think thick leggings with sweater-type dresses are cute.

You might try yoga pants instead of leggings, but watch for camel toe, always a no-no. Yoga pants are thicker, whereas leggings can be very thin and of course, extremely form-fitting, and they are stretchy and comfortable and warm like sweatpants but without the sloppiness of sweatpants.

IMO leggings/tights are always in fashion!

No matter what you are wearing them under, flashing your crotch is unacceptable. Unless you are upside down on the monkey bars, of course.

If you feel that leggings aren’t pants (as all right-minded people do, IMHO) then wearing leggings under a dress or tunic top and saying it’s ok to sit cross legged or whatever thereby exposing your crotch, then you are wearing them as pants.

If you are behaving as if the leggings are pants, then you are wearing them as pants. You can’t have it both ways.

Either go full-out “leggings are pants” and accept that you are on the wrong side of the argument (:D) and flash your legginged crotch all you like, or treat leggings like nothing more than hose and keep your legs together.

IMHO, of course :slight_smile:

I don’t think autistic preschoolers are going to be distracted by my feminine wiles. :dubious:

I think ultimately I’m going to have to come down on the side of no crotch flashing. I’ve tried wearing leggings plus long shirt around the house, and I feel uncomfortable just stepping outside, afraid my neighbors will point and laugh at the no-pants girl. (I’m still sitting on the floor in a dress, though.)

I seem to recall seeing this happen with little girls (maybe 5ish?) who are wearing short dresses or skirts with leggings and the skirt ends up too high when she sits down or otherwise doesn’t cover everything and she ends up “showing” something. At that age, it doesn’t seem that big a deal.