Lego Films

Besides the excellent films on the Lego site, are there any other good sites for Lego fims? At the Star Wars Celebration II, someone had done most of the trilogy in Legos but I can’t seem to find any online.

I don’t know about on the 'net, but there’s a wonderful Lego version of the “Camelot” song from Monty Python and the Holy Grail on the Special Edition DVD.

Wow, is there some sort of Lego cult out there?

there both on the lego site although the only starwars one they had that i found was “the han solo affair” They also have them for spider man and other things

here they are :

they also have a special set endorsed by spielberg just for making these shorts

Also ya could look up the 2 threads I made last night about the python and sw films