Lego Lord of the Rings figures coming this summer

They look pretty good, I’d say:

I’m genuinely surprised these didn’t already exist.

What does it say about me that I’m interested in this. and sad that it’s the only LOTR thread on the board. I just reread LOTR for the first time in a long time & have no one to discuss it with.
The character descriptions on the LEGO site match the movies more than the books. but they look good.

I’ve been away from Legos for many years. Do Lego people now have feet or legs that you can angle away from each other? (As would seem to be the case from those photos.)

In my day, the legs could only pivot at the hips, around one axis.

Another question: are the beards (e.g. on Gimli and Gandalf) separate pieces, or are they attached to the head?

Those are CG, not photos. Minifigs are essentially unchanged in that respect

They’ll be separate pieces (and Legolas’ ears will be a part of his hairpiece, I’m sure)

Actual examples

I looked at the site again. NO EOWYN?! and boy does Gimli have a big axe…

Here I am!

Qadgop, choie, What Exit? and others are available at a moment’s notice.

Well great. Give me a bit to come up with some decent topic starters. . .

Fine. Please put a link here when you do.

Here’s a minute and six seconds long video with some detailed shots of the six available sets:

Click on the big rectangle with the arrow pointing to the right in it.

They have a cave troll!?! :cool:

OMG those are awesomely cool!

Elendil’s Heir - new thread here

OK, thanks!

So there should be an Xbox Lego LOTR game out this year…?

I’ve never bought a Lego set for myself (dozens for kid relatives)…but if they put out a 10,000 piece Barad-Dur or Minas Tirith, I would be all over that. Screw the mini-figs – I want serious architecture.

I’ll have a word with TPTB at Lego.

I would buy that,

No chicks? Weak.