Lena Heady cast as Cersei Lannister

From ign. Good casting, I like it. Can’t wait to see Sarah Connor as a blond.

I agree! I was hoping for Tricia Helfer, but Lena is great and I can’t wait to see her play Cersei. She’s certainly gorgeous and strong-willed.

Looking at the page on imdb, most of the casting choices are visually excellent. I can’t believe they got Sean Bean to play Eddard Stark!

Not familiar with this girl’s work but she looks like she could do Cersei justice.

Picture of the cast so far:



It’s strange. Most of them, especially the kids, aren’t as good looking as I imagined. Joffrey especially. And Dani’s too old.
I think I like the adult cast, though.

It’s Headley!

hahaha!!! :smiley:

Dani is older than shes in the book because they are keeping the sex scenes.

I can live with that.


There’s something very maternal and vaguely psychopathic about Lena Heady, isn’t there? First 300, then Sarah Connor, and now this. She seems to specialize in mothers willing to do *anything *for their children.

Arya and Joffrey are fugly. Arya’s supposed to be ugly (with a long face though), but Joffrey is supposed to be good looking. It’s just one picture though, maybe it’s not representative.

I’m going to assume they’re going to fix the hair color of…well, most of them. Joffrey and the Lannisters NEED to be blond/ish. The haircolor is a major “tell” to Ned discovering the childrens’ paternity.

Oh, and I agree…the Joffrey actor looks like an extra from a particularly gritty stage production of one of Dickens’ orphan chronicles.

Yeah, same issues with Joff here. And Jamie’s gonna have to work on the shoulders a lot if he’s going to pass as the uber-combatant he’s supposed to be (not saying it can’t be done; just saying the work needs to happen). Beyond that it looks pretty darn good, and may I say that I’m sorta happy that I -don’t- recognize a lot of the names? Always wanted the cast to be at least somewhat fresh.

I could not STAND her in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I don’t know how to feel about this.

Tricia Helfer might make a good Red Lady, though. Mellisandra?

Iain Glen doesn’t look nearly old enough to play Mormont, does he?

Mormont the Younger - not the Old Bear.

I would swap actors for Theon and Viserys. Even though Theon is a traitor he is more vulnerable. He wants to belong to someone’s family but is always in the wrong place - not a true northman, and when he goes home,he’s spent too much time in the north to fit in with the ironmen. Viserys, on the other hand, is completely self-interested, venal, and heartless and completely deserves what he’s gonna get.