Leon Lett and the Talking Football

I guess most of you remember some years ago the Cowboys-Dolphins game where the field goal was blocked by the Cowboys, then Leon Lett came sliding through the snow to fall on the football, which allowed Miami to recover it, get another chance, and win the game.

Anyway, I think it was the following season, during a Monday Night Football commercial break, there was a cartoon with this talking football mocking Leon Lett over that play. It was funny as hell. I thought it was going to be a commercial for something, but in the end it didn’t advertise anything at all, so I was left wondering, “What the hell was that?”
Who did this cartoon? Did somebody buy some commercial time just to taunt Lett? Or was it just the folks at Monday Night Football having a laugh, and they made the cartoon themselves?

I believe it was the staff of MNF that came up with that little gem.

If my memory serves me correctly.

But I may be wrong.