Lest we forget: ANZAC Day 2005

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I just wanted to put something in here RE ANZAC Day at ANZAC Cove. My Mum was there in Turkey this year, and she wanted me to let everyone know that the mess (rubbish strewn everywhere) shown on the news wasn’t caused by Aussies. The Aussies put all the rubbish in neat piles and some gypsies came after everyone had gone and went through the piles looking for food.

Just wanted to clear that up.

Lest We Forget.

How did General Ian Hamilton ever get to be a general? The man was a complete incompetent. He is probably the cause of most of those crosses in gallipoli.
The sad thing is, had the Gallipoli plan been followed and done quickly, it may well have worked.
Question for Aussi Dopers: after this disaster, would Australian troops ever submit to being commanded by a Brit general again?
The Gallipoli disaster was a tragedy, because so many lives were wasted for so little. And, when it became evident that the Turks were too strong to be dislodged, they should have cut their losses and left. Instead, bumbling old gen. Hamilton kept right on feeding his men into a meat grinder. the man should have been shot!

I never knew about the significance of ANZAC day until I saw some of the threads here on the SDMB in the last few days.

Here’s a link to a similarly themed classic thread started by Coldfire about the liberation of The Netherlands, for anyone interested:

May 5, 1945 - we shall remember.

I think it’s very unlikely. Australia is all but disconnected from the British government; we have a token Governor General, who represents the monarchy. That’s about it. We have our own Generals, Air Marshals and Admirals who do a fine job. No need for the brits!
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If i’m not wrong, after WW1 we told the British we would only be follow their orders as approved by our own commanders, so from that point on we were never under the direct control of British military ever again. The problem with them back then, was that officers were generally bred from nobility and knew nothing of real warfare, and most people in the military know that a good officer, generally, is one who has risen from the bottom to the top.

RobinC, I have transcribed my Grand Uncles diary from Gallipoli, so if there are any tips you want, give me a call. I may be able to help. Was your Grandfather Herbert Gilles Watson?

As regards who was the most incompetent, it really is a wrestle. Hamilton, Stopford (who dithered at Suvla when gains could have been made) or Hunter-Weston who slaughtered both British and Australian troops with suicidal front on attacks. And Antill, who didn’t have the spine to countermand the charge at the Nek, should not be forgotten. Albeit, that was on a smaller scale.

And the GG of the time, Munro Ferguson, actively involved himself in the running of Australia. He was a nice kettle of fish.

I’ve since been told this is a disrespectful term, so I apologise if I’ve offended anyone…

I think ‘Travellers’ is the term that is preferred now.

Howard blames the lack of bins. Sounds more like the area couldn’t cope with that number of consumers of stuff with packaging etc. that needed to be chucked away.

Peter Jackson / Weta restore the only ANZAC film: