Let me assure gasoline prices have nothing to do with my humble opinion but

Bibliophage says that my question
How high are your gasoline prices? is a humble opinion.
So OK I want to know if prices are raising anywhere else in the US.
I will open another thread in IMHO for your whining about your countries gas prices.

between $1.34 and $1.45 for regular depending on the station, which is up from three weeks of it being $1.29. However, $1.29 is the least it’s been in nearly two years. It was around $1.75 earlier this summer, so I’m not complaining too much, though I dislike that it’s going back up.

I drove downtown for a meeting and passed the station at which I usually fill up. Gas was 1.689 a gallon. Three hours later driving home it was 1.999 a gallon. As it happens I did need to fill up and planned to stop in after my meeting, because there were lines at that station. Decided not to go there, as there were several other stations on my way home who hadn’t jacked up the prices, holding them steady at 1.719 per gallon.

The manager of the station where I usually fill up was quoted in today’s paper that the WTC bombing had nothing to do with the price increase, that he was expecting a higher-priced gas shipment this morning. Right.

I think I’ll be finding myself a new gas station.

End of last week, gas was 1.919 at my regular gas station. Monday it was 1.809. I filled up there today for 1.799.

justwannano, you were probably steered to IMHO because it’s, technically, a poll.

A friend of mine told me this evening that at least one station here in Wisconsin ran out of regular, so it was selling the mid-grade gas at the regular price. I’m very impressed.

Another station here in Wisconsin was selling regular at 3.199 a gallon. People were picketing. The owner says he’ll give refunds to people with receipts. He blamed an employee who supposedly raised the price of his own initiative to “slow down sales.” Riiiight.

Our AG was on the local news tonight, explaining that there’s no law in Wisconsin putting any kind of cap on gas prices. Our governor said people raising the prices were “unAmerican.” Funny, I always thought that getting as much as you could for your goods was all-American.

I heard from a friend that our fuel price will be more than doubled when we go to the pumps tomorrow.

What was $3.55 a gallon today could be $8.05 tomorrow if she was right.

I am hoping that this is just a nasty rumour because it would mean that the oil companies here are trying to make an a profit from tragedy.

Not that I have any particular love for Big Oil, but…

I would like to point out that all the reports of extremely high gas prices I’ve heard so far, from Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Michigan, have all involved price-gouging by individual gas station owners, and not the oil companies as such.

No oil shortage in the future.


OPEC knows that if they start raising the price of a barrel of oil, everyone will accuse them of being in cahoots with the terrorists. “Hah! Profiteering!” So I look for the price of oil to remain pretty much the same.