Let me be real clear: this message board does NOT need conservatives

Quoting for posterity since the fact that you, GIGO the bag of scrabble tiles, and others clearly do not believe this is the entire driver of this thread. I will return to it the next time we revisit “anyone who thinks that standardized tests might be something other than a racist plot is necessarily an antivaxxer” or similar heavy rotation greatest hits.

I’m sure you will revisit it almost immediately, given your active imagination and willingness to make up any old lie about what other folks are saying.

Would you mind telling this to @k9bfriender and anyone else who accuses me of being a conservative? It gets tiresome.

Those aren’t the same thing.

Most of those at least used to be conservative values. Especially the bits about private property and limited government. Both conservatives and liberals claim individual liberty, individual rights, and autonomy; though they tend to do so on different issues. Both claim equality, though they don’t always mean the same thing by it.

I stopped posting here for something like eight years. The overwhelming majority of my posts were made before that. I’ve only been back posting here for month or two. The person having a go at me doesn’t know me from a bar of soap.

But eliminating modern American conservatives doesn’t leave you with one view, it just eliminates bullshit. They have nothing of substance to offer at this point and only muddy up any real discussion.

I don’t advocate making this an official stance of this board, but losing what passes for conservatism these days isn’t making on Correct view.

For example:

I’m hardly a great example of your thesis, being neither an American nor a conservative. It is not a narrow range of exteme views that would be excluded if people like the OP had their way, but a wide range of common ones.

He probably mistook you for Martin_Hyde. I often mix up Dopers with similar names.

Who’s “the person having a go” at him? I saw a number of people who criticized some of what he had to say, but I didn’t see anyone “having a go”.

He can answer them separately, if he’s willing to answer at all.

I got the list from Wikipedia. But I’m more interested in values than labels. I won’t be voting for left-wing parties or candidates that abandon liberal values. Maybe I’d be tempted to actually become a conservative, but they are not necessarily any better, and have other policies I object to.

You’re kidding, right? There’s an entire other thread full of people - including you - “having a go” at me, personally.

In this case, I was referring to The_Librarian, to whom I’ve never interacted previously as far as I can recall.

@The_Librarian, judging from his earlier replies.

I’m going to start off by agreeing with this as written before reiterating my problem with it in practice.

I actually do read, or rather used to read, another forum that has an almost “anything goes” philosophy and lets people openly advocate, e.g., that some races are biologically inferior, and other extreme-right positions (along with extreme-left positions and everything else). It’s a disaster. There’s certain things that you just can’t allow without the board just being overtaken by them. That board doesn’t have a “free exchange of ideas” nor can it even sustain threads on topics that should have nothing to do with race or politics, because once you let people respond to every topic under the sun with “I guess the reason I can’t find an XBox for sale is our Jewish overlords are telling the blacks to steal them all” then the kind of people who find doing so amusing will do it thousands of times. As a result, whatever value I may have found in some older version of that forum is long gone. It’s totally unusable both because of the volume of extremist bullshit and the feedback loop formed by driving away people who don’t want to deal with that kind of thing.

I have no problem with banning that kind of outright racism from this board if it wants to be healthy in the long term. What the people in this thread who do have a problem with the premise are trying to communicate is: We can’t allow a small, vocal faction of unreasonable, disingenuous, hard-left ideologues to define what is “racism” or “conservative” if we are going to ban “racism” or “conservatism” from the board.

I’ll excerpt a post I made in ATMB recently:

Things I have been called a racist for advocating on the board:

*It’s a good policy to forfeit high school football games to punish players for assaulting referees.
*Children are better off when raised by two parents.
*Cartoonists have a free speech right to draw images of Mohammed without being murdered.
*The behavior of an Arab Muslim from Syria is not a good example of “white pathology.”
*School boards in Virginia should follow the law governing magnet school admissions procedures.
*Selective schools in general should not use race as a factor in admissions.
*Advanced students should be able to take calculus in high school.
*Certain decisions about the math curriculum made by the school board in Vancouver (a city with effectively 0 black residents) are not correct.
*Medicare for All would increase wait times for care.

The theme is: anything that dissents from a narrow window of views between Joseph Stalin and Bernie Sanders is conservative and racist, there is no reason anyone would hold said views without being conservative and racist, there is no need to engage the people who hold those views honestly since they’re all conservative and racist, and for good measure, stuff that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with politics at all like the football thread will also be taken over by people accusing those who disagree of being racist, because for some people that’s the only way they can express disagreement about anything.

Again, you can have a forum where about 90% of American opinion is banned, and you can even claim, within that forum, to have at least two subfora dedicated to “good faith debate,” but what you can’t do is prevent the average person from seeing how silly that is or stop the effects it is continuing to have on the existence of a minimum viable population of board posters.

Oh, please. Leftists don’t throw “fascist” around with anything near the willy-nilly joy that radical right-wingers scatter “socialism”. The radical right has been using that to mean “anything I don’t like” for the past ten years or so. I question whether one Republican in five could accurately define “socialism”, or explain how it differs from Communism or social democracy or anarchism. Or even capitalism.

So what? It’s still true, even if the other side misuse “socialist” even more egregiously. That’s hardly something to emulate.

You can say whatever you want and I can call you a douche whenever I want in the pit.

So there is. I’d advise you to mute the thread and ignore them. Nothing productive comes from these pile-ons.

That’s a compelling and interesting list. It’s too bad that in that ATMB thread, you refused to provide a cite to any of those instances. Something’s tickling the back of my head that just maybe it didn’t happen exactly as you’re saying here.

I know you were being casually jerkish to whole groups of people. I do not need to know more. That little nugget shows me enough to know you for what you are. The incessant whining after you were called on it just confirms it.

You just pissed me off with your self-important, entitled whining.

Nothing you posted afterwards addresses the thing people called you out on. You do whine about being called out a lot though.

Now I have fed you enough. Bye now