Let me be real clear: this message board does NOT need conservatives

Same reason people do drugs: for the buzz!

Dude, quit shitting on Gigo’s English, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and you look like a raving lunatic.

You always miss context, I was referring of course to the antivaccine message that many on the right are irresponsibly doing right now.

So in response to me pointing out that you randomly accuse people of being anti-vaxxers with no basis when they disagree with you on totally unrelated issues, you … accused me of being an anti-vaxxer.

It really is too easy sometimes.

And there is an investigation on Gaetz that started under the Trump administration. In both cases we’re waiting to see what will happen. In Gaetz’s case all we have (so far) is anonymous rumors. With Cuomo we have public allegations and yet the thread on Gaetz’s is much longer than the one on Cuomo.

It would be easy then to take on the conservative leaders and media that do that no? So why do you think your distraction of trying to put down the one that points that out is more important than admitting to one big issue where many conservatives are nuts?

LOL and you, unironically, claim HIS English is bad? This is too fucking much :sweat_smile::rofl::joy::sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

Where are the Republicans denouncing Gaetz and demanding he resign? I’m only aware of one.

And where are the Democrats who attempted a coup?

And with a rubber and glue argument, again ignoring any of the actual content of the previous post, I fill in the top right square!



If/when the allegations become public and women publicly accuse Gaetz I expect some, if not many, republicans to rebuke him. Perhaps I will be wrong but we shall see.

Yeah, you’re wrong.

And the Democrats who staged a coup?

If I sign an affidavit that I voted for Biden, think vaccines should be mandatory, and want the 1/6 coup participants imprisoned, then do I get to argue for positions that most liberal Democrats agree with even if leftist ideologues don’t like them, or am I still a “conservative” who is “not needed” in a board that purports to have not one but two fora for good faith debate? What about all the other people being accused of worshipping Trump or supporting the coup or being antivax despite either expressing the exact opposite opinions or never speaking about those issues at all? Should their statements be notarized? Do you need carbon copies? PDF format okay?

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What he actually said, bolding added:

Two posts later:

Let me be clear: this message board does NOT need liars like these two.

You are allowed to debate any position you’d like even if you voted for Trump, hate vaccines, and was one of the 1/6 coup participants. It would be nice if you actually debated in good faith rather than spending all of your time whining about how unfairly you are being treated or lying about what other posters said, though.

This is literally untrue both in reference to the explicit rules & mod instructions, and de facto untrue based on how threads are administered. It’s also exactly the notion that you are arguing is a bad state of affairs in this thread - what you are arguing is that people should not be allowed to debate any position you, the always correct leftist whose opponents are all bad faith racists, hold! “I haven’t succeeded in getting what I want, yet, therefore you are wrong in your assertions about whether what I want is good” is a stupid argument.

It would be nice if you actually debated in good faith rather than spending all of your time whining about how unfairly you are being treated, though.

Would it? We’re in a thread about why that shouldn’t be allowed. You claiming I “should” do something while arguing in the same thread that doing that thing should be bannable is pretty tendentious.

You can run whatever kind of board you want (and I mean “you” and “can” fairly literally, as your ideological bloc controls what goes on here). I can’t stop you from claiming to have two or more “good faith debate” fora where any dissent from an incredibly narrow set of minority positions is bannable. But I sure can call it out as an idiotic thing to create or desire for as long as I am allowed to do so.

It would be real fuckin nice if you would at least try debating in good faith for once. You might even like it! You’ll never know until you try!

Fair enough, there are a handful of banned debate topics (flat earth, 9/11 trutherism). But you can debate ALMOST any position you’d like.

I am certainly not arguing this. Please point to the post where I said Martini should not be allowed to make his point, or admit that you’re completely full of shit.

I have no idea what you think I want, but actually, I HAVE succeeded in getting exactly what I want: the Pit is unchanged, so if you make racist or homophobic arguments, there is a place for me to point that out.

You are a lying liar who lies. I don’t think you should be banned for making these arguments, I think we should have a Pit where we can tell you what we really think about them.

So we are not in a thread about why everyone who disagrees with you is a “conservative” and “conservatives” shouldn’t be allowed anywhere on the board? Could have fooled me.

No, we aren’t - wow, your English really IS terrible, isn’t it? No wonder you have such a hard time understanding Gigo.

Emphasis mine.

Also, this thread is in the Pit, not ATMB. So I doubt it’s a direct comment on the moderation/who should be banned or allowed to post here, but rather a response to the idea that we need to be careful not to “drive away” conservative posters by Pitting them or creating a hostile environment.

Also also, just because I am posting in this thread doesn’t mean I agree 100% with the ideas of the OP. As much as it may surprise you to learn this, we aren’t ACTUALLY a hive mind.

Also Also Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “everyone who disagrees with [me] is a conservative”, that certainly doesn’t sound like anything I’ve said.

Also Also Also Also, I don’t know if you know this, but most human beings are more complex than a single axis. It is entirely possible for someone to be liberal on some issues and conservative on others, so saying “everyone who disagrees with me is a conservative” makes no sense at all.