Let me be real clear: this message board does NOT need conservatives

Righties reserve the right to smear stuff and claim it’s part of their side of the “both sides” that we traditionally recognize in our politics.

They can say that all colleges and universities are (X) and even if it is “ignorant” you can’t oppose it without being a left wing bigot.

Originally it was “the majority of colleges have a tendency…” but it has gone way beyond that. “All colleges are left wing indoctrination centers.” is now a commonplace and not only amongst Q people. We here have to recognize it as an entrenched recognized right wing position that we need to defend against because it has been normalized here.

“Political correctness is going to end civilization!”

A moronic absurd, stupid thing to say almost any other time in history. Not now. Now it’s normailized and here we are defending just being civil. Now we have to recognize the speaker as a “political theoretician of the conservative movement.”

I long for conservatives to discuss things with on the board. I don’t want to live in an echo chamber. But if this guy is an example of a typical conservative, then I just don’t know what to say.

More from there:

"So, no more. We must, by any means necessary, force them to be like us. No quarter. No compromise.

Penalize barren, non-familial lifestyles through taxes and disqualification from political participation. Establish property and military service qualifications for voting. Increase America’s carbon footprint. Ban masks".

Fascism? Lol. You fools have abused that word so thoroughly it’s meaningless.

I disagree with a few points within it, but this is a fine and thoughtful post that I think is the type that’s good for the board.

There’s going to be a great fight. Not a doubt in my mind about that.

How about if I do a search for you+ “Woke” or “hive”

Dude, you abuse yourself with all 8 limbs.

A board like this doesn’t reflect the real world. You can never lose an argument here really. You just go away, ignore, troll, ad hominem. No one ever has to be real or come down to earth.

Right wing here means folks who just show up to say “woke” and think that answers anything. It’s not even a real fucking question.

This is what happens or might happen in an environment which actually has some reality in it:

See the difference? Reality.

Facts don’t care about [right wingers’] feelings. And apparently neither does COVID.

Right wingers have been exploiting the idea that there are two sides to normal politics in the US. They bring stuff in to troll, move the overton window, and make it part of the dialogue. When anyone has a problem with it they go all snowflake and claim it’s a first amendment issue, or some other fantasy.

This thread is like that. A honeypot for these assholes to show up, troll, and claim that we need them because “Bipartisanship”


"Look I’m a conservative so you don’t know my heart. How would you have insight, being a liberal right? OK so here is my agenda for 2021: (Gobbledygook that means IOIARDI)

“Since you don’t know me you can’t say my agenda is fake. But you do have to show up to argue the other side if you can figure out how to do it and that will normalize the new offenses I’m bringing into the debate. Here’s a hint though: I already won. I Opn you.”

God damn, how many fucking republitard anti-vax maskholes do we have who now become vaccine Jesus on their death beds? It’s fucking ridiculous. I don’t give a goddamn. Yeah, I get they’re dying or dead, but their shit is why many other people who were innocent and would have given anything to get a vaccine ended up dying back in 2020 and early 2021. These fuckers killed people - collectively. Fuck them, they fucking deserve to die. I want them dead as compensation for the people they ended up endangering and killing.

Is that picture John Brown? If so, awesome!

Yep, it’s John Brown.

This almost perfectly describes the U.S. evangelical subculture, where a child can be homeschooled, do Awana and Young Life, and go to and graduate from Liberty University as a full adult with the impression that anyone who believes in something as absurd as evolutionary theory is either self- or Satanicly deluded.

Or perhaps you’re thinking of a white upper middle class suburbanite, attending an exclusive private school, going Greek at their state’s flagship university and blowing off as much of their gen-Ed electives as possible while still passing to ensure they pull down that $60K a year starting salary merited by their business or engineering degree, connections, and undeniable sense of self-worth, that will allow them to put their down payment on their own little piece of the suburban dream.

I could talk about some other right-wing subcultures with which I am familiar, but I’ll stop in the interest of brevity.

I know. It’s always the other guy who did it first.

We certainly wouldn’t want to talk about Newt Gingrich, who taught the Republican Party the careful selection selection of adjectives to turn any Democratic Party initiative into a threat to end civilization as we know it.

Of course - and speaking in a more conciliatory manner here than my post has previously - the cardinal example of polities separated by values so deeply that they can’t even discuss them with one another that we can see are the two sides of the abortion controversy. Certainly that kind of split isn’t good for a society or a message board.

I think the core issue here is what, and whom, we mean when we talk about “people on the right” and “right wingers” and “righties”.

A lot of non-conservative posters in this thread have already agreed that many posters who self-identify as conservative, at least in some respects, can have interesting and useful points to make on controversial issues without poisoning wells or misrepresenting facts.

But yes, we’ve also had a whole lot of posts from self-identified conservatives (a lot of whom end up as short-lived banhammered trolls) who do indeed just use “woke”, “SJW” etc. as ad hominems to end discussion. I agree that those posters aren’t contributing anything of value about “what people on the right actually think”, even if they are accurately reflecting the thought processes of many people who would describe themselves as “on the right”.

Fair enough. I’ll take it on faith this happens.

But I have just gotten sick of the trolling aspect of the right project, and it’s my opinion that there is a problem if no conservative is willing to making a thread about his own self doubt or his own part in trumpism. There are many things that real intellectually honest people do to be thoughtful about reality. If the right wing posters never do it I take that as a self definition as a dishonest actor.

I’m just good and sick of the bullshit. This is the pit right?

I’m not OK with the fox news idea of a democrat who sits there and normalizes evil for a fox paycheck. All of the righties on here normalize toxic waste.

Board comity is a longstanding meme. People need it but a lot of stuff gets let go in the name of it.

I’m certainly not the most conservative poster on the board but I play that part in a lot of threads since I’m to the right of most on this message board. What do you think I should have self doubt about? I have no idea why I should own any part of trump either.

my opinion is you have to to be an intellectually honest conservative. I get that this is not the real world though.

The conservative opinions seem to shift with trump. How are you not with that? How do you distinguish yourself from it?

You should reflect on what he’s done to conservatism, to be introspective, to be seen as “needed” for a human communication that isn’t about oppositionalism.

You need to reflect on the profound irrationalism of the republican party right now to be seen as thoughtful in an ordinary reality.

Your values are wrong.