Let me be real clear: this message board does NOT need conservatives

See that’s easy for me. I voted for Clinton and Biden so it’s really hard to see myself as pro trump. But before that I voted all libertarian for president. I’m very pro gun, and pro small government, and pro business. I’m also an affluent white cis hetro male who doesn’t really care about my privilege aside from wanting pass as much of it to my daughters as I can.

Trump has nothing to do with my conservatism and I’ll happily vote against any Trumper as I view then as a greater threat to our democracy than any Democrat.

Ahh . . . I see you’re ready for another night of masterbation.

I was admittedly douchey and counterproductive. It’s hard not to be because I realize that we’re running out of time and the paradigm shift that must occur is radical and probably not consistent with what most people believe is necessary.

Apology accepted.

I disagree that we’re running out of time except we need to be prepared to adapt to the changing world. I think the changes will be large and rapid but it is simply another thing to overcome.

Mate, apology given. I appreciate the acceptance.

But I think we are living in one of these extraordinary times, like the Romans who saw Rome fall or the Mayans who saw it collapse. We’re on our way there. I hope I’m wrong.

For the record, a “collapse” doesn’t mean extinction of the entire species. But it means monumental new challenges and change as a result - change we may not be able to anticipate or correct.

For those who think Qanon is silly, let us never forget the Roman Empire collapsed because a large subsection of society began to assert a bizarre religious theory known as Christianity as factual, reality-based, truth.

I’ll start to worry when Qanon is declared the official religion of the US by the Emperor

It hasn’t been?

Well, that is an interesting way to look at it. The Roman Empire was run by a bunch of guys who believed, I guess we may not be sure exactly what they really believed, some stuff, and over time, the Christians got control of it and rebranded it the Holy Roman Empire, and then that was the Roman Empire that collapsed. The one run by the Christians.

Because if they hadn’t, Jupiter would have smitten the barbarians with bolts of lightning!

It’s more like, the Roman Empire collapsed, and a few hundred years later, this German/French guy formed a completely different empire and rebranded it the Holy Roman Empire.

It’s more like, half the Roman empire collapsed, and the other half continued for an additional thousand years which no one remembers.

Bloody Romans.

What have they even done for us?!

Use the law to ensure blue submission. Imprison dissenters. Force them to act against their deepest beliefs to keep their jobs. End all social programs and deport all illegals. Outlaw crime again.

Seems kind of harsh. But hey, isn’t this the flip side of what they want to do to us? So I’m unclear why they would object that it’s wrong.

Poor attempt at satire. :-1: Maybe you should find someone smarter to follow?

And yet again @BigT has dodged answering. I knew I shouldn’t have bothered trying to explain. It really is impossible to get someone to understand when their self-image depends on not understanding.

I’m perfectly fine with a board full of conservatives. What the message board could do without are homophobes, transphobes, racists, misogynists, trolls, and socks. We wouldn’t miss the vile posters DemonTree, ZosterSandstorm, dalej42 and their fellow travelers for a minute, and I’m pretty sure they don’t all self-identify as conservative.

@thorny_locust ^ no creationist ever called me vile. That’s my experience, that the so-called liberals have been vastly more sanctimonious and judgemental and intolerant than the Christians ever were.

I’m shocked to hear that people who ignore facts also ignore your transphobia.

Well the art of debate and meaningful respectful dialogue has gone the way of the Dodo. Banning conservatives is just carrying out what the MSM does by creating an echo chamber of liberals agreeing that abortion isn’t murder, blacks can’t be racist, and the magic of evolution and atheism is the end all be all of everything. Do I find people who hold these viewpoints reprehensible? No. Do I question their motives and lack of a moral compass? Absolutely. The difference is I just bite my tongue and hold my peace. I will hold on to my beliefs and convictions and expect that the Leftists will do the same however they tend to be more intolerant and less understanding despite what they espouse as their virtues. What they think of me really doesn’t bother me in the slightest.