Let me pass out the cigars!

Greetings everyone. I bring joyous news!

Today at 2:20 PM EDT, my wife, Sherry, gave birth to our 3rd son. Daniel Peter Osebold Bennett is 8 lbs. 8 oz. and 21 inches long. Both baby and mother are doing fine. I’m as proud as can be.

Just wanted to share with everyone.

babies!!! I love babies. They taste yummy…:slight_smile:
:puffing on cigar and enjoying very much:

So, you know that you won’t be getting any sleep, right? :slight_smile:

Conga Rats!

Yaaaaaaay Dragwyr!!

Big hugs to all, and when do we get to see baby pics?

Seriously, congratulations on the new member. ::snickers::

Okay, really though. Babies are a joy. Happy times to all!

Congratulations on the new child. Hope it brings you joy in the years to come, and a new fascination for ordinary things.

I’ll have pictures posted to my website probably by this weekend. I’ll be sure and post the url when they are available.

That’s great! Congratulations, Dragwyr!

I just LOVE other peoples babies!
Especially since when they get noisy or smell bad, I can give them back. And don’t forget to take a nap before they get home.


And my compliments on the first name!

Haaaaaaaapppppppppppyyyyy Birthday, little Daniel! May your life be full of love and happiness!

Congratulations! As if I need an excuse to light up a Cubano.

What is the story behind the name “Osebold?” I’ve not heard it before.

Finally, kudos! Any thread which gets tubagirl puffing on a cigar is tops in my book! Now if it were only my cigar…

I have it on good authority that she didn’t inhale.

:: making smoke rings ::

Congrats Dragwyr it’s about time something good happened on the board .

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

Daniel Peter? I agree, good choice in names. Is he named after anyone, or are those just names you and your wife settled on?

Oh, and congratulations!

Congratulations!!! I hope you enjoy your little bundle of joy… the one that will be screaming and spitting up… no, I am kidding. I hope your son is a very healthy, happy baby. :smiley:

Nice name and nice size baby boy. Hope that mom and son are doing terrifically and will be home soon if not already. Please post pics asap.

Congrats on the bouncing baby boy!!


I think that this is a great time of year to be having sons. I think I’ll do the same within the next couple of weeks, that’d be great!