Let me pass out the cigars!

Saint Zero opines:

And that ain’t all he won’t be getting for a while!

Congrats, Dragwyr!

Now you and your wife are officially outnumbered. That was smart!

getting mildly teary-eyed

I’m such a sap about babies now! Congrats!

And remember (since you have two before, you already know this, but here is a reminder): It gets better after the first eight weeks. (repeat as chant, especially at 3 am)

Truly and sincerely. Much joy to you all.


Welcome to the 3 kid club!!
Let me smell your baby!

puff, puff, puff


puff, puff

Congrat’s!! But I’ll pass on the cigar. I gave up smoking a while ago, and I’m damn sure that two or three puffs will see me going green, my head doing cartwheels and my stomach trying to invert itself.

Osebold was my dad’s original last name. He was born one month after his dad died in WW2. My grandmother remarried when dad was about 4 yrs old. My Grandpa Bennett adopted him and his name was changed to Bennett. My wife and I feel that our kids should remember their family heritage and so we added the Osebold name as a 2nd middle name.

AudreyK, we liked the name Daniel and Peter was my great grandfather’s name. I was fortunate to know him very well before he died (I was 17 when he died at 94!).

Dragwyr, I think naming your son after your biological grandfather is just a beautiful gesture.

Mazal tov to you and Mrs. Dragwyr!

I agree with Kyla, that is a lovely gesture. As for me, well, I don’t have kids, but I think if I named my son after my great grandfather, he’d have a hard time with it. Shigeichi just doesn’t roll off your tongue the way Peter does. :smiley:

Pictures are now available at the following address:


I’ll be adding more as we get them developed.

Dragwyr, let me add my slightly belated congratulations. I just took a peek at the pictures and wanted to let you know that little Daniel is absolutely breathtaking. Best of luck with everything. :slight_smile: