Let me talk to you doctor!!!

I’ve recently become self emplyoed.

My new life no longer can endure the physical constraints my old life held working for [url deleted - Skip]. That means I can’t do my labor intensive job anymore. Specifically I got hurt on the job.

My new occupatiion is “web design and host” which now includes digging up old domain names and putting them to good use again. It was a shock to find out that my previous employer let their domain expire to the tune of three years.

Well, being the web designer that I am, I bought that old domain and put it to use and created a NEW website. Am I wrong to buy that domain (even if it is markedly difirent than the company name) and use it to discuss my own agenda?

there’s no link to the site because I’ve already gotten shut down by the mods here.

Let’s see: a misleading thread title, a URL to the site in question (clickable or not clickable–it doesn’t matter), and a further attempt to advertise your vendetta with your old boss. Gee, what did you think was going to happen to this thread?

Listen, Rooves, you’ve got issues with your old boss–that’s your problem. It becomes my problem when you try to skirt around the reason your last thread was closed. The SDMB isn’t your own personal playground to advertise some questionable web vengeance against a previous employer.

You pull this crap again and you take the chances of you posting privileges being suspended.