Hello boss. I've come to eliminate your sleep

I’ve been working with the same company for over 13 years(more actually). It’s a small company and I’ve become the service coordinator which is the best position available.

Anyway, four years ago I got hurt on the job and since then these people that I saw as family suddenly turned on me, became my enemies. I don’t reccomend getting hurt.

That’s neither here nor there. At certain intervals thruought I gave them the benifit of the doubt. Now the tiime has come:

  1. I just settled my workers comp case
  2. They were pretty hurtful toward me no matter how hard I tried to cooperate.
  3. I now own their old domain name. They let it elapse.

If anyone sees a reason why I shouldn’t reasonably become a thorn in their side…please let mr know.

Thanks in advance

Because lowering yourself to their level only makes you worse as an individual? Because the pain you want them to feel only exacerbates your own and will further cause mental anguish?

Why are you still working there? Leave. Move on with your life. Sell them their domain name (you did get that fair and square - open economy and all) and GO.

And lastly, because revenge begets revenge. The future could see them doing something back at you that you didn’t expect. Or do you seriously think after you make their lives difficult they will throw up their hands and say “Oh darn! I guess we learned out lesson!”


because being a thorn in their side will use up too much of your energy and prevent you from doing better things.

i would just leave as soon as i could …

er…ouR lesson, not ouT.

Now that you own their domain name, legally I assume, you should put up a page detailing how they treated you; an employee of 13+ years, and pointing out the fact that if they treated you this way, how are they going to treat their customers. Don’t lie, don’t exaggerate or stretch the truth, just state the facts. When the try to buy it back or sue to get it back, or sue to get your page taken down, make sure you tell the local news station and newspapers. They love this kind of stuff.

To clarify, I don’t work there anymore.

It’s surprisingly not that hard to be spiteful. I’m learning to build web pages and what better practice than the place where it all began.

I think it’s a good idea to make the page about how they treated me. Thanks for the idea. It’ll be up soon.

So what exactly did they do to you that was so horrible? Deny your worker’s comp claim? (Aren’t those generally handled by an outside insurance company?)

No matter how much the company claims to love you like a family, unless they actually are, don’t believe it. No one who has to pay you money to get you to show up really cares about you.

The best revenge is living well.

Will this website help you do that? Or just continue raking over old wounds?

Dump the website. It’ll only lead to more grief, and not just for them. Move on. Spite and revenge has never made anyone happy or a better person.

Legally, the company doesn’t even have to buy it. If the OP can’t prove that he has a stake in the name (eg: uses it for legitimate business), the courts will hand the domain name back to the company if they really want it back.

I think that is a terrible idea. If your web page works like you intend (harming their business) then they will have no choice but to take legal action against you. Even if you are 100% in the right, it will cost you a lot of time, money and aggravation to defend yourself. Is that what you really want?

While that’s mostly true, it’s not always. A few years ago I had a cavernous malformation in my brain that started leaking blood, causing seizures and needed emergency brain surgery to save my life. The owner of the company where I worked, for about a year at the time, sent flowers. Okay, that’s not much, but my vacation ran out 2 weeks before I could return to work and he paid me for those weeks anyway.

This reminds me of my friend’s uncle, who had a deal with his bosses regarding retirement, and never signed a contract because he’d worked there for 45 years. Bosses sold, new owners fired him with no severance.

I’ve actually been thinking of doing this exact same thing, and am wondering the legality of it, in terms of possible libel/slander, etc. (assuming that I do, in fact, own the domain name).

It’s something, as a person, wouldn’t recommend either… until I actually had to witness/experience the poor treatment first-hand. Has more to do with my co-worker really than me (she went from office management to making her (the boss’s) bed every morning, doing her family’s laundry, as well as their grocery shopping, watering the plants, etc. She is a single mom w/ no college degree, so she couldn’t exactly quit. Come to find out, she (the boss) has done this with other people, ex-employees, etc… er… sorry… .the question – could Rooves get legally in trouble for this?

Ok, here it is here

For the record I have moved on with my life. I build web pages now…see? :smiley:

yes…I tried to keep the facts as straight as I could to protect myself.

Chances are I’ll pull the site down after I get a kick out of it for a few days.
to answer friedo

I worked there for close to 15 years. I was their top guy so it’s not as if I’m just any disgruntled employee. They saw enough in me to put me in charge of their crew.

When I got hurt the insurance company released me for light duty. My boss told them there was no such position available. Not because they don’t like me, just because they didn’t see it as economically avantagious to them.
Of course I understand that their not my family but as their entire work force gets older this will continue to happen and one by one each employee will be screwed out of their trade. Nobody wants damaged goods.

Dude, you are asking for a lawsuit. No, screaming for one. You have intent, you are saying defamatory statements…fuck man, take it down.


Yeah, take it down, Rooves. Really. This kind of revenge really isn’t worth it. Your workers comp case is settled; it’s time to move on.

Rooves, do not use the SDMB as a sounding board for any vendetta you have with former employers. Complaining is one thing–happens all of the time here–but the Teeming Millions are not here to counsel you on how to get revenge.