Let play name the country/region shape (PG-13)

This isn’t homework honest.

I’m going to skip all of the obvious ones (like Norway and Baffin Island both look like dogs)

BTW the rules of this game are as follows: if challenged about your shape, you must be able to somehow describe why you think it looks like that shape.

I’ll start with a couple.

I think all of north america looks sort of like a chicken with a little arm on it. The florida pan handle is the chicken’s arm, and the Alaskan islands are the chicken’s tail, and the chicken’s beak/visage/etc are made by the provences of Quebec, Nova Socotia and New Brunswick.

as for the second, I’ve always harboured the belief that Vietnam +Thailand (that whole penisula) was shaped like a Scrotum.

This reminds me of The Anatomy of Newfoundland.

St. Anthony is at the top of her head
Burin is down by her toes
Baie Verte is on the back of her neck
Port-aux-Basques is on her nose
This island of ours is an awful shape
Tis like a sketch by Picasso
But the wonderfulest t’ing about it all
Is they put St. John’s in her asshole!

Oooh! Oooooh! I know!

Italy looks like a boot (kicking the deflated football that is Sicily).

Michigan’s LP looks like a mitten.

Michigan’s UP looks like a microcephalic/megalouraic terrier.

Lake Huron looks like a peddler with a pack. (Thanks, Holling Clancey Holling.)

Sri Lanka looks like a pear.

New York (state) looks like a transmission housing.

The Black Sea looks like Australia.

Australia looks like the Black Sea.

southern ontario, flipped on it’s side, looks like an elephant.

now i have given away my location, :slight_smile:

Britain is a kangaroo, and Ireland a teddy bear.

No, Britain is a posh lady with her nose in the air, big hair and a swishing skirt. Ireland is a budgie.

West Papua and Papua New Guinea looks like a sloth or some kind of quadruped. I’ve usually thought of it as a dinosaur. Mozambique looks like a priest in a cassock. On hands and knees. Upside down.

I wonder what a shrink would think if I did a Rorschach test.

Manhattan looks like a penis. There. I said it.

Um? Can you explain how Norway looks like a dog? And saying it looks like a dead dog in the middle of the freeway doesn’t count.

Annie, I’d love to hear what he has to say about that. :smiley:

For me though, almost every place looks like a penis, tear drop or teddy bear. Only Italy and Papua have ever really evoked images of other things.

On second thoughts, MT looks like a man’s face in profile on the border with ID.

See Here

I guess I should have said all of scandinavia.

The southern most part of Norway is the head, and sweden makes up the front leg, and Finland and russia make up the back leg. And there is a little bit of russia that makes up the tail.

See, it;s a dog