Let them be together

This teacher and student situation…IMHO now that he is 21 and says he loves her there is no reason they shouldn’t be together.
Referring to Villy and Mary.

Does this relate to a past post? Info, please.

He’s referring to Mary Kay Laturno or however her name is spelled. There’s a thread in MPSIMS about it: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=269779

Which is as it should be. He can request a court to remove the protective order that keeps her from seeing him and then off to Vegas they go.

Still, she did violate the law and was punished as she should have been.

I do not agree.

This child was abused by an adult.

If the genders were reversed we would not be having this conversation.

This is not a romance, not a true love story. MKL is seriously fucked in the head.

Vili needs intensive psychological help. If MKL were really in love with him, she’d realize how badly she hurt him and stay out of his life. Normal 38 year old women do not fall in love (and lust) with 12 year old boys.

Have you some evidences that Vili needs intensive psychological help and that he is badly hurt? Or do you just assume that a teen who had a relationship with an adult must be completely messed up?
Indeed, if the genders were reversed , the abuser would get much more crap that she’s receiving. But it wouldn’t change a thing regarding the issue at hand. Vili being an adult, as long as it isn’t demonstrated that he’s mentally unable to make a decision for himself, there’s no reason to assume so nor to deny him the right to conduct his life as he see fits.

IIRC, he was 12 when this happened and she was 29. So he was not a teen. Normal teenage growth and adolescent cognitive development, would in most cases negate his ability to understand completely what was going on when he was 12. Emotionally and developedmentally Vili is probably scared in some way…granted that is pure conjecture…

I say let them be together, get sick of each other, and break up.

End the cycle she learned from her father.

Would you force that help on him, whether he wants it or not?

Let them be together I say.

No, I wouldn’t force him to get help. But he is unemployed, did not graduate high school, and is trying to get his GED.

This is not a normal kid. He was abused and forced into a sexual relationship before he was ready by an adult he trusted, his teacher. He has two children already.

Again, why is everyone so willing to give them a pass? If we were talking about Martin Laterneau and Villia, a 12 year old girl at the time of the abuse, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Or do you think boys can’t be sexually abused by women?

Ivy, I was being sarcastic. She’s obvously heavily affected by it happening, so much so that she followed the pattern.

“Why is everybody willing to give them a pass?” Well, she’s served her sentence and is complying with the conditions of her parole. He’s an adult.

I’m not saying there wasn’t abuse; I’m not saying she shouldn’t have been punished. I’m just saying now that she’s out, and her victim is an adult and wants to see her (apparently he’s asking for the restraining order to be lifted, which it probably will be), what more is there to be done? Vigilante justice? Her head on a pike? Force them to stay away from each other – if the law doesn’t agree, gather an angry mob? Force him into psychotherapy against his will? Involuntary electroshock treatment tenderly administered by the State?

It’s indeed a sad and weird and skeevy situation. But at this point I am afraid it is their own business.

I agree with Masonite. Regardless of the damage done and the right or wrong of it, no one can do a damn thing about it anyway. I’m sure they’ll see each other in a different light when they’re living a normal life instead of sneaking around in the shadows. There’s nothing to be done but wait.