Lethal Waterpipe Hits

For many years I have wondered…Why is it that when one uses a waterpipe, most of the hits are mellow, but every once in a while you get one like toking mustard gas? WTF?

(I mean, if Straight Dope don’t know…)

Chances are, you’re burning plastic. I’ve had similar things happen to me when the pipe has had a real good workout.

The trick of filling the pipe with one breath and clearing it with the next comes in pretty handy.

Maybe there are seeds embedded in your buds that you can’t see.

Mr201 might have a point, it does occur much more often when the smoke “sits” for a while. Condensation? But breathing steam doesn’t bother you. I’m talking about those red-faced, lung-crushing, Doc Holliday kind of coughing spasms, like you really did have a hit of Exxon Gold.

Sounds to me like you’re burning the tar build-up on the screen. Time for a refill.