Let's attack the Tower of London!

I was looking up info on the Tower of London, and found The Royal Palaces’ official web site. The weekend of 29 May through 1 June, there’s a special event at the Tower – Attack the Tower!

This sounds incredibly cool. I’m somewhat interested in military concepts, and this is a good (and safe) way to learn medival warfare. I’m going to go. Who wants to meet me in London for a Doper Attack? :smiley:

Also, I’m sending a letter to the Yeoman Warders for four tickets to the Ceremony of the Keys, on Sunday night, 30 May. This is the ceremony, with proper British formality, where the Warders lock up the Tower for the night. Anybody who meets me in London, I’ll share the tickets as best I can.

Will they have a french taunter?

With enough Dopers, I figure we can recreate the entire French taunter scene.

Do you want to be a taunter, Bruce_Daddy, or a silly English keeee-niget? :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose we’ll have to see whose mother smells most like elderberries.

You’re not going to believe this but I’m going to miss this by one day. I will be arriving in London on the 27th. However, I am making my way to the mainland the 28th. I might be able to meet up for a bit early on the 28th, but I have to see Stonehenge and then make my way. I can’t believe it one stinking day.

When/where are you leaving from Ben? We might be on the same flight. Maybe we could all meet up and attack Stonehenge on the 28th. Wonder what the charge would be to put one of those stones on the plane would be?

Edward, my plan is to fly out on the 27th from Philly, arriving London on the 28th. So depending on when you plan to go see Stonehenge, and depending on when I clear immigration & customs, I’d love to join you.

Custom’s Agent: “What are you doing in England?”

Doper (with outrageous french accent: “Mind your own business!”
I think we can take them! Dibs on the Star of India!

Can we use trebuchets?

I don’t know the exact time I will be getting to Stonehenge, I would figure sometime in the early to mid afternoon. I’ll be traveling by motorcycle or I’d offer to pick you up. Don’t think I can fit you and all your taunting stuff on the back. You’ll have to let me know more when the time gets nearer.

update & bump

I’m arriving in London the morning of May 28, and staying at a hotel around the corner from the Tower.

I haven’t yet decided which day to attack the tower, though right now I’m thinking about Sunday the 30th.

Anybody who wants to join me is welcome, whichever side of the pond you’re normally on.

Hmm, that sounds like fun - I love the Tower. I’ll check my diary.

I’m flying into London from Texas on May 11th, and I leave on June 23rd. My intentions were to go off and explore more of Europe, as well, but I might have to come back to see that!

  • another update *

Last night I received my tickets to the Ceremony of the Keys for Saturday, 29 May from the Yeoman Warders. I have tickets for three guests to the ceremony. Anybody who’s interested, please reply to this thread, so we can exchange contact information.

After the ceremony concludes, pub-hopping sounds like a good idea. Who knows their way around the London pubs?

I know my way around London pubs. oh, do I know my round those London pubs. My e-mails in my profile. If you hang on til NADS is back up, I can cross post this, and bingo, you got yourself a dopefest, Theres a usual crew of us.

Hmm, attacking the Tower eh? can I bring my own sword, or do we get them provided?

Please let me know when it’s back up. I’ll start seriously organizing this trip next month.

Since everybody’s nuts about security these days, I suggest leaving the sword at home. The Royal Palaces web site doesn’t say what weapons we get to use; however, it does say that we get to throw foam rocks from the battlements. And, as previously noted, if we get enough Dopers there, we’ll recreate the French Taunter scene.

we’re hoping it’ll be back up by tomorrow. i’ll shout a link for you when it is.

Most of the NADSers that turn up are pretty hardcore Python fans too. I wonder if I could substitute the foam rocks for real ones… :smiley:
Some of them can probably arrange more tickets for this too. theres normally more than 3-4 of us.
Once this is sorted, I can work out a touring pub schedule.

Paul, Senior Beer Consultant, SDMB UK.

If that’s Whitsun week, then that’s probably ok for me.

Oooh… Dopefest! Yay! :slight_smile:

But. I’m not even in the country on the 30th May - I’ll be in Toronto. Damn.

NADS thread for this

as some folk haven’t subscribed and normally come to these things, i’ve cross posted it there. once we find out whose up for it, we can make a plan of attack, as it were.

Yeah why not.

I will be bringing a longbow.

Damn! This sounds like ace fun! But I’m going to Sicily on the 29th. Wave a sword for me.