LonDope in April?

ISTR a while back that there was talk of a LonDope happening at the end of April (I think the weekend of the 26th April was tossed around)… Would there be any takers for such an event?

As long as it wasn’t that particular weekend (I’m away in Mancs) I’d be very up for it. Future Londonite appears to have gone to ground so I guess we’ll have to proceed without him. :frowning:

Ah see, that’s the weekend I am in London…

Oh. Well, happy for it to happen without me, although I’ll be sad to miss it.

Potentially up for it, but as that is Easter weekend, it might be a little tricky…

I should be around in London at that point.

All we need is a time and place.

I believe the Chandos at Charing Cross or the Founders Arms at Blackfriars Bridge would be good for it.


Easter was last month.

That’s what I thought too, before I checked the location and remembered that Easter’s later in the Eastern Orthodox Church for some reason…

I’m around! As noted previously, very close to Blackfriars Bridge, so I vote for the Founders Arms, out of sheer laziness.

OK, ok, so I’ll walk to Charing Cross if I absolutely *have *to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where are all the London Dopers and why aren’t they responding?

C’mon people a chance to meet fellow dopers.

I know London is the greatest place in the world, but you can always look round it the day after :wink:

I should be around that weekend.

I’ll be in Orlando for a while, and will try to go to that one instead.

Might be around, but its very close to my pending matrimonials so can’t say for sure.

As usual i vote for whatever is a Sam Smiths :wink:

Is that the brewery that sells that crappy London Pride garbage?

Before you ask, I won’t be there. You’ll just have to manage as best you can without my wit, charm, charisma and devil may care attitude to life.

Oh and my sheer unadulterated modesty :smiley:

Well, not a London Doper by any means, but will be arriving on Friday the 25th, leaving on Sunday the 27th. My only firm commitment is lunch at 15 on the Saturday around 1400. As I have an early Eurostar on Sunday morning, Friday night would be better. Staying at the Sofitel St James, have an Oyster, and can get anywhere in central London.


Huh, cool. I’m actually in London that weekend, I’ll keep tabs on this thread. (But can’t commit)

Cool. Looks like a plan might be shaping up then. The Chandos is a Sam Smiths, so that might work. I’m flexible as to dates, but I’m off on Sunday evening…

If this is the Chandos near Charring Cross, and the Friday is cool, I’m in.

So Friday 25th in the evening at Chandos Arms near Charing Cross then.

Sounds good to me.

I’m in Devon that weekend that weekend doing wedding stuff, I’m afraid.