Let's be Anti-Humanists!

This blog deserves some Doper-grade ridicule. Listen at this shit:

Never mind the usual and widely endorsed definition of humanism: A secular ideology which espouses reason, ethics, and justice, whilst specifically rejecting supernatural and religious dogma as a basis of morality and decision-making. Never mind your “ethics” and “reason.” They are just species-ism and greed.

And if you buy this definition, you get this philosophy FREE!

From there, the big idea is to start killing off humanists (“Liberals, conservatives, Christians, Jews, most Buddhists, every businessperson”) along with anybody useless or cancerous to society (our sole discretion, natch).

Thankfully, most of the posts on the blog seem to be not about some neo-Nietzschean jackoff scenario of crushing the weak of the earth, but about the comparatively innocuous topic of death-metal. Heh.

I think you might have a disagreement in terminology, nothing more. Humanism can also be associated with materialism, “the philosophical theory that regards matter and its motions as constituting the universe, and all phenomena, including those of mind, as due to material agencies.” If you saw a mention that such-and-such is too “materialistic” on a shopping blog, would you argue with that definition?

The rest of it seems to be some ZPG-type nonsense. Stupid, sure. But Pit-worthy?

Got a bet there? I’ll meet it.
Getting high? You can’t beat it.

I think you might have a disagreement in terminology, nothing more.[.quote]

It seems to be deliberately chosen to be inflammatory. It’s much more than “a disagreemnent i n terminology” to use a word in a very unusual way.

I’ve never heard or read it used in that way.

It’s a rhetorical move the neocon right frequently uses: associating some “ism” with its opposite or contradictory goals, then putting oomph behind the assertion by insisting that lazy thinking, gummint mind control tactics, or good old nasty-ass human nature are the reason Nobody Knows The Truth.

As a true anti-humanist, I find it offensive that they are trying to co opt the term for dishonest purposes. What about those of us who disregard most of the basic tenets of humanism and don’t care about the well-being of others at all? What are we supposed to call ourselves?

First they took “psychopath”, and now this. Where will it end?!

What did the Buddhist ever do to anyone?

Remember when the Taliban blew up those ancient Buddhist statues? Did you hear them make threats? Call for sanctions? Retaliate? Take to the streets in protest? Carry a grudge? No, you didn’t, because that’s not their gig.

As they are so anti materialistic, usually vegetarian, and don’t engage in war, this seems unfair in the extreme.

Shitheels? Asswipes? Twinkletoed cocksuckers?

I generally support the killing of large numbers of people for poorly thought out reasons, so I don’t understand what the OP is upset about.

quality reference there Jackmannii

I was listening to it on the way to work this morning. Suffice to say that The Who have a better grasp of humanity than the bozo mentioned in the OP.

The first problem I noticed is that, even if killing people for the good of society is okay, the blanket killing of people in certain groups is certainly not going to do more good than harm, especially since you’d be killing about half of the world’s population, if not substantially more.

Humanism is a good option for those who can’t go for vegetarianism but still want to go low-carb.

I have no problem with their plans for mass murder, but they really need to bone up on their vocabulary.

Hunh. As usual on this board, muslims get a pass.


Can you clue me in here?
I tried to google this phrase at work and it was blocked - I hope I’m not in trouble now :smack:

They are lyrics from “Doctor Jimmy” from Quadrophenia (a fine, fine album)

That may be why you got blocked. (there are also some naughty words in it)

That’s humanitarianism.

Soylent Green is made from people! Sweet!

Hey, if we kill off all the Muslims who’s going to help us kill off all the (“Liberals, conservatives, Christians, Jews, most Buddhists, every businessperson”)

Yeah…Who said that?