Let's Be Superficial

We all know that when it comes to finding a partner for life, a best friend and lover, a soulmate, a spouse, the one and only, we need to look beneath the surface and let our hearts see what the eyes cannot. We’d never pick our own true love by the shape of his nose or the way she tosses her hair. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But let’s say we did. What one purely superficial thing would just make your heart melt and cause you to pledge your troth on the spot? And don’t go thinking you can say stuff like “she laughs at my jokes” or “my dog loves him” because, really folks, those things indicate a deeper, more meaningful aspect of your potential beloved’s personality. I’m talking straight-up, no brain-power, no soulful depth, one-hundred percent surface attraction. And not just “pretty/handsome”, give a specific thing–the color of the eyes, a well shaped chest, cute kneecaps, etc.
For me, it’s an Irish accent. I could fall in love with a man reading a phone book on the radio if he had an Irish accent. In general terms, a distinctive voice is always a winner for me, but if it’s a distictive Irish voice, I’m in heaven and half in love by the end of his first sentence.

Your turn.

I’m a sucker for accents too.

Scottish, Irish, Australian … swoon

Nice straight white teeth is a big plus, too.

Short dark hair, swept back.

Muscular forearms.

Bright blue eyes.


Multi-millionaire status. That’s about as superficial as I can get.

Brightly colored fingernails.


There are certain perfumes that overcome my ability to reason.

Eyes, colour doesn’t matter that much. Some people just have amazing eyes and then I can’t stop looking (embarrassment guaranteed)

A Scottish accent would be the top, but an Australian accent, a nice smile with straight teeth, a cute nose, and beautiful eyes would probably make me take notice too.

Tall men with nice abs. I’m such a sucker for a 6’3" guy with a killer 6 pack. ::salivates::

Just to see if yojimbo is a vanity searcher.

Definitely the eyes, I adore big warm long-lashed brown eyes. Brown is so warm and friendly looking.

A big strong upper body. Strong upper bodies just absolutely make me melt. I feel so protected, and flexed arm muscles are just so sexy to touch when you are…oh, nevermind (smiles wickedly).

And if he happens to have a crooked (one corner up) impish smile? He’d definitely have an “in” with me without even having to say a word.

I’m a big sucker for big brown eyes as well. Especially when they belong to a woman with a pale complextion. Something about women with incredibly light complextions and dark features is just sexy as hell.

Also, a girl with a great set of hips. Slender waist, huge hips and proportionate thighs just make me weak in the knees.

But I have to be able to get lost in her eyes. If she’s got the most beautiful face, but horrible looking eyes, all those other features just don’t matter.

Perfect ass.

Jet black hair.

I love it when a man plays the piano.

Also have a thing about lefthandedness for some reason.

A guy in a long-sleeved dress shirt where there’e just a little patch of darkish hair extending past the cuff near the base of his thumb.

Now that’s superficial!

I like the eyes too. But more of the kind that are kind of off or crooked if you will. Like Lex’s girlfriend from Smallville. Something about her eyes that just aren’t right but sexy as hell. I know a girl that has some of the same features too. I’m hooked.

I’m not superficial (really, I’m not), but I’ve got a serious thing for accents as well. Australian, Scottish, Irish, English, Spanish, Swedish, Russian… A few soft words and I’m a puddle.

Also, dark eyes. The darker, the better.

A Derry or (especially) Donegal accent.

Long eyelashes.

Nice handwriting. I love guys with nice handwriting. I’m always disappointed when I fancy a guy and then find out his handwriting’s crap.

Really . . . . HUGE tits. With nice big nipples. :o