What do you find attractive in men, (physically speaking)?

Because it’s fun to pretend like I can actually get this kind of man.

Short, black, straight. Once it turns gray, he’s worthless. No baldies.

Definitely unblemished. Can never have been blemished. Eyes should be almond-shaped, slightly tilted up at the outsides. Long, thick eyelashes are a plus. No freckles. Dark brown eyes are perfect, but green is also acceptable. Nose must be BIG! Lips can be slightly thin, no rubber bands, please.

No sagging or wrinkles. Otherwise, most are acceptable.

Well, broad, of course!

Chest, Stomach
No manboobs, please. A major turnoff. Six pack is good, although I realize that a very low percentenge of the population has one.

Should be well-rounded. An ass that works out every day would be great.

Some hair, but not scraggily hair. And not too much. If he has too much, he should trim it frequently. Hair must not be worn at the knees where his pants rub. That’s just unsightly. No cellulite, I don’t care if it IS covered up by the hair.

Should be fairly large, but I don’t want a bigfoot. Toes must be well-manicured or, eccchh! Some hair on the toes is okay, but not too much.

Must have fairly bulging biceps. Well, he should be well-muscled and defined all over, actually. Even though he will have to be obsessed with his body and his diet…it’s worth it.

Should be exactly 6’1", no more, no less.

Does it really matter? Well, I guess some help around the house would be nice.

And if there happens to be anyone who’s humor-impaired, the reality is I love all men, short, tall, hairy and bald, as long as he’s nice to me and I’m not married, he’s got a chance.

Maybe I am the one who is humor-impaired, as I found this thread http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=218344 in IMHO thread kinda creepy (mostly just the OP and a few scattered replies, some of the more general replies were okay).

I haven’t checked out the other the thread, because the “(physically speaking)” qualification makes it seem kind of unpromising.

The women who get my dander up seem to be all over the map.

I must admit though: if you’d posted this thread in earnest in IMHO, I probably would have lurked in it to feed my various neuroses and vanities.

And that’s the affect the other thread had on me…I don’t need that.

Er, effect.

shrug Males and females alike seem to focus on such “physicalities” more than is needful, even healthy. It’s sad. I will admit to finding some people INCREDIBLY attractive in a physical way, but they have to have a compatible personality before I date them. As you said, “It’s fun to pretend”.

To each their own though, if what they want to emphasize is sexual attraction in a significant other, let them. It doesn’t make them abnormal, or me better than them for not wanting to stress physical attraction in my relationships.

I will continue to enjoy looking at the actors and singers I find pretty though. (No, I don’t buy posters of Patrick Stewart or the others, though I do have fun watching music videos, movies, and televison shows they are in. I like the person’s talent AND their looks, but I don’t “worship” them.) Humans love beauty, and many wish to surround themselves with their personal tastes in it.

The time I made an exception and dated a guy because I was lonely and he didn’t seem like a bad sort, and was certainly not bad looking, I regretted it. He showed himself to be an abuser, and I ended up in the battered women’s shelter until I could get a restraining order.

My other abuser is my ex-husband. I honestly fell in love with him hook, line and sinker. He wasn’t so good looking, butI thought he had integrity. (What a snow job!) He started out “grooming” me, and began ever so slowly to control me and step up his abuses of me. I’m lucky I got out of there alive. It was after being away from my ex-husband for a year that I began to date the other guy, and within 3 months he was gone.

This is why I look at the person’s character first, and not looks or what they seem to be. How they interact with those around them is important to me. Whether or not they can understand my interests, and veiwpoints (even if they don’t agree, or find them a little boring) is important. I respect the feelings and thoughts of others, and ask that people around me do the same. This goes for friends, and significant others.

Being able to respect that I will see things one way, and they still see things their way and neither one of us getting bent over it is important. Respecting my desires to learn about my interests, and do my hobbies even if they don’t have the same ones is important. I extend the same courtesy, and we do our hobbies together sometimes. Some hobbies we share, others we do together because we love each other and like doing things as a couple. Having some life goals in common besides sex is also important to me, at the very least having complimenting life goals is necessary.

I posted in the “what do you like in women, physically” thread and I think it’s basically harmless. I was wondering what this was doing in the pit.

Having a preference in physical appearance is just that. A preference. An idle fancy. Something you might chat about while people-watching in the pub or cafe. It isn’t a way to live your life, or to choose your soulmate - in fact my bloke is very much not my ideal physical type. But he is my ideal in other ways that matter much more.

Of course if you do take it seriously to the exclusion of all else, you are a fool and your life will very probably suck.

Generally speaking, I don’t like threads like that but on this board they are usually pretty nice. Maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see but it seems like people on this board always say things like, “oh I don’t care if her arms are fat as long as they hug me,” and that type of thing.

The scary thing about the internet is that it shows me the inside of the young male mind. I know a lot of guys have “high standards” but in the end it seems like those guys always wind up being mocked by other men and women until they admit that they have not had much experience with women and dating and all they know about women comes from watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It’s slightly lame, but not too terrible. Guys always say they like this and that in a woman but it’s true that in the end most guys’ type is “a woman who likes me back.”

Wow, except for that Hair, Face, Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Stomach, Ass, Legs, Feet, Arms, Height, and Personality thing, that describes me perfectly.:wink:

I don’t think that the chaps who say they like blonde lasses are suggesting that non-blonde lasses are “worthless”, really.

I’m sure I don’t fit the bill for some men’s “dream ideal woman”. Some prefer big breasts to small, some prefer brown eyes to grey, some like short ladies, some like very tall ladies. I’m not those things, and it doesn’t bug me. I’d hate to be every straight man’s “dream ideal woman”. I’d have all the world’s 3-ish billion straight men queuing up outside my house to ask for dates. It would be most inconvenient.

Sigh. You know what can be really attractive? When they’re just being guys. I like a guy’s forearms, especially if he’s got his sleeves rolled part way up, and then you can see the muscles and tendons moving around.

There are good-looking people that seem really ugly because they’re so snippy and negative and hateful. Meanwhile, I know lots of people who are absolutely adorable, because they have such sweet personalities.

Well, I’m going to bung in my two-bob’s worth, and say that the eyes do it every time for me…eyes that crease up with a wrinkly smile when the mouth does.

That’s it. Tall, short, fat, skinny, hairy, bald, chicken legs, muscular thighs are all totally redundant if the whole-face smile doesn’t happen.

But when I do get one of those smiles, I go weak at the knees and start salivating…oh, it’s sooooo embarrassing sometimes.



I guess I don’t see anything offensive about the other thread. In the OP, you say “Once it turns gray, he’s worthless. No baldies.” I don’t see anyone in the other thread saying anyone’s worthless or using insulting words equivalent to “baldies.”

People are just saying what features are likely to turn their heads.

And unlike Zabali, I don’t see that thread as any evidence that people are emphasizing physicality in relationships over other traits. Again, it’s just about what some guys like to look at.

Personality may be more important than looks, but looks are important too. And looks are, IMHO, more fun to talk about than personality traits.

At this point, I’d settle for “mammal” and even that’s negotiable.

I’m going to buzz through on my current high! Coffee is a maybe! Grad Student bliss!

Oh, to be twitchy and Joycean with another human being- the prospect of such a thing is beyond my full appreciation!

If anything, I’m insecure about the way I look to guys. So if I can help it, I don’t impose those weird things on them any more than I want them to look at me that way.


I used to date a guy who said that I looked “all right,” even though I had “fat-ass legs” What a turn on.

The next guy told me I had good Russian hips and proceeded to tell me how sexy he found it.

(Actually, this is the entire reason I became a Joycean- he seemed to be exceedingly fond of Jewish women with large butts. If only I could have been born a hundred years ago…)

AL, the un-pit worthy

Bollocks the size of wrecking balls! [sub]not really, I’m straight. Honest. Ask Matron![/sub]


I don’t know why I read those threads. As soon as someone says “I like short girls”, I think to myself “God, I’m too tall, I must be uuuglleee!” and obsess that my freakishly long femurs are holding me back.

I actually thought yesterday, driving home, that it might be a good thing if I could get in a car crash (head on collision) and snap both my femurs. The doctors would have to take three or four inches from them and voila, I would adhere to a standard of beauty mentioned in IMHO. How sick is that? Damn sick.

In my mind I have an idea of my ideal relationship, not any ideal physical features. I know what I like to gaze upon, but that’s a different matter entirely.

And this is in the pit because…?

I thought I might get a potential lashing. But maybe it belongs in MPSIMS, it is pretty tame. I used the word “creepy” in my OP because, well, down to the desire for a girl with a runny nose? Am I the only one that finds that disturbing?