Let's cast Rachel Berry's dads

Over the last two episodes of Glee, we met Rachel’s mom. I’ll leave how this was handled, and the appropriateness of the duet they sang, to another thread.

It’s inevitable that, at some point, we’re going to meet Rachel’s gay adoptive fathers. And it’s also inevitable that they’re going to be big names who can sing, on the scale of previous guest stars Kristin Chenoweth and Neil Patrick Harris. So who should it be?

I’ll start by nominating Taye Diggs and Patrick Wilson. The former has an obvious connection to Rachel’s mom besides being a bona fide stage success and the latter is someone even non-Broadway fans would know from Watchmen; he also apparently has a role in the upcoming movie The A-Team.

I could see those two as a couple, and they certainly have the vocal chops. They are also both not gay, which may cause some controversy (deserved or not).

Any other ideas?

I thought they were already cast, although never seen? In the first or second episode, when she explains that her two dads mixed their semen in a turkey baster (or somesuch story) and to this day they don’t know which is the real father, she shows a picture (in her locker?) of a rather obviously Jewish white guy and a tall black guy. I don’t recall whether they were well-known actors, but I would think they’d use the same two guys for any scenes with them?

So…Paul Reiser and Kareem Abdul Jabar? Frankly, they should be the anti-Kurt. It may be a bit too Burt-like, but having Burt meet them could be interesting. “Why the hell isn’t my son like these two guys I have so much in common with?!?”

RuPaul and Nathan Lane?

That is about the most frightening thing I’ve ever heard. But I also would kinda like to see it. I may need psychiatric help.

I think it could two non-theatrical guys. We know they don’t sew. She got her vocal talent from her mother. They could just be two very ordinary guys who happen to be gay.

True, but this is Glee. I mean, the auditor from the school board just happened to have a Broadway-caliber singing voice.

mnemosyne, I wasn’t aware that Rachel’s parents were ever shown. If they’re an interracial couple, that still leaves room for my suggestions, Taye Diggs and Patrick Wilson.

I thought I read that Taye Diggs is going to be on the show, but as a love interest for Emma

Isn’t the obvious answer Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan?

(Munch got it half-right. ;))

The first thoughts that popped into my head were Brad Pitt and Jason Priestly, but if they have to be able to sing and have been established as an interracial couple, I’d maybe go with something like Harry Connick Jr. and Eddie Murphy. How’s that for a little outside the box? :slight_smile:

It has been announced that Emma’s love interest is going to be a dentist. Don’t know if it’s going to be her dentist.
I don’t know who Patrick Wilson is. I like Taye Diggs; how about . . . Noah Wyle?

How about Matthew Perry and Matt Leblanc? Everyone would get the joke. (Well, I think everyone would get the joke - see, Chandler and Joey actually WERE gay lovers.) Plus, they’re not very busy these days. :slight_smile:

It was a set of photo-booth photos, in her locker. Here’s a screenshotthat someone put up on the internet. Am I completely crazy, or is that Jesse Martin? He can certainly sing. The other guy looks familiar too, but I’m not placing him at the moment.

Nah, he looks too young to be Jesse Martin. But he kinda resembles Alfonso Ribierio (Carlton from The Fresh Prince), who incidentally can sing and dance.

He other guy almost looks like Johnny Galecki, but it’s not him.

Ignoring the locker pic, my votes would be for:

Brian Stokes Mitchell (Broadway star- perhaps best known on TV as Frasier’s even snootier and snobbier upstairs neighbor Cal- and an African-American who would still be believable as Rachel’s biological father) and, to balance out Mike O’Malley who plays Kurt’s dad, his openly gay co-star from Yes Dear Anthony Clark, who could also conceivably have been responsible for her conception.

Alternates: Nathan Lane and George Takei (yes, there’s a big age difference, but who says there couldn’t be? And while she said they’re biracial I’m not sure she said one was black.)
Originally I thought Mandy Patinkin should play one but they’ve now mentioned him by name on the show which spoils the continuity. Admittedly they’ve mentioned WICKED and had on both Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, but they didn’t mention the actresses by name.

Lady Gaga praised the Menzel/Michele duet, btw.