Let's enter the jism contest!

Hey, everybody, let’s enter the jism contest. (Link is workplace friendly.)
Does anyone have any idea what the rules would be?

Jism is Hindi for "Body.
It was the name for a recent hindi movie which was pretty bold by Indian standards.
The herione of the movie is Bipasha Basu and she is HOTTTTTT.
Here is a link to some of her pictures and I am sure she can make any straight guy win a “jism” contst.
Bipasha Basu

Goddamn, is that funny!

And Bipasha Basu isn’t the only hot woman on the subcontinent. I don’t even care what they’re saying on the International Channel anymore, I just like the eye candy. (Although I think Indian music videos are creepy.)

How did you come across that site, S A L? What were you browsing for, hmm…?

Yowza. :cool:

Commits name “Bipasha Basu” to memory

Told ya so jjimm

BTW did you take part in the contest? You better do cause if you win the prize they send you a DVD of the movie all for yourself.And they give it out once everyday.
The answers are:
1 Gulshan Grover
2 John Abraham

Best of luck!!

Thanks, maleinblack, I have entered myself in the Jism contest.




Well I googled for more pictures of Bipasha Basu, and I’m now officially in love. My wife is going to be so pissed.

A reasonable question! I was searching for the Tiki god Kahona (for this thread) and that page had the words Kaho Na. (Not sure what it means.) Plus I was doing this at work, figuring that such a search would be work-friendly. I kind of snorted when I stumbled onto a jism contest, though.

I clicked on the link for the Bipasha Basu picture and even Washte said “Hubba-hubba!”

“Who played in Bipasha Basu’s husband’s Jism?”

I should hope the answer to that one is obvious.

Oh, I just wanted to mention that this contest is open to all comers.

I hope jjimm`s wife doesnt come after me to kill me.

Best of luck to all comers who participate in the contest!

Thanks, maleinblack.
I just enterred a jism contest.
It was my first time. Really.
It’s not that I really want this movie. I just want to have a DVD titled “Jism” on my shelf.