Let's Fix the Ending of Star Trek Enterprise (Unboxed Spoilers Except for One)

I watched this on Netflix and I was most irked at the season finale.

I was quite perturbed that Trip was killed off. I didn’t like that, no how no way.

Shoehorning in TNG was sloppy. Enterprise couldn’t stand on its own, Braga et al had to squeeze in an obviously aging Riker and Troi for an existential conflict on the cloaking device?

The second to the last episode, where Trip comes to T’Pol about the memorial service for their baby was incredibly touching. I thought Connor Trinneer did a fantastic job with that scene. I choked up.

Let’s say the show went on for two more years, since it looked like they were finally hitting their stride in the second half of S4.

Along the way we’ve established Shran “died” and T’Pol and Trip finally get married.

Maybe we see the beginning of the Bajoran/Cardassian conflict. There has to be a horrific event which wipes out all Denobulans (since they’re not mentioned in later shows.)

I’d like some sort of explanation why the Xindi attack was never referenced in later shows.

And maybe I’m a sucker, but I’d love to see Khan pop up in the finale. Maybe being born and spirited away for genetic engineering.

I’d have liked to see Arik Soong’s early experiments with positronics.

Ivylass, everyone knows that Admiral Tucker was killed in a barroom brawl in New Orleans in 2220, following an argument about a barmaid.

But what about T’Pol? Tucker would never hit on a barmaid. Reed might, if he’s drunk enough.

Maybe her mind melds got too kinky. Perhaps he just steeped in when a lady’s honor was insulted. Maybe he went on some secret mission, and Section 31 faked his death at 99.

Oh, yeah, that was the other thing…the implication that Reed was in Section 31 before he joined Enterprise. We need more back story on that.

And, be honest…who wants to see more of Empress Sato?

That’s what happened in a series of novels that followed the TV show. Trip was recruited by Section 31 to infiltrate the Romulans’ military efforts and his death was faked. He was surgically altered to resemble a Romulan, much in the same way as Kirk later would be in “The Enterprise Incident.” Shran was even involved in the deception.

They should have fixed that fucking temporal cold war shit. God damn it, it had the makings of a fantastic piece of lore for ST and the writers admitted they went into it blind without knowing where it was going. They should have set the show up like Babylon 5 and wrote out a 5 year plan knowing exactly how it was going to end. Instead it meandered from one thing to another, breaking continuity with the Borg and the Ferengis and just being a mish mash of popular ST stuff that they shoehorned in in an attempt to boost ratings. And absolutely NO Riker and Troi holodeck stuff.

The series should have ended as we all felt it should have: with the signing of the Federation charter establishing the UFP in real time, not some flashback sequence

I believe it had been stated that Bajor and Cardassia were friends 50 years before DS9

Denoblian slime devils are mentioned in TOS. And as far as we know Tellar wasn’t wiped out but is barely mentioned post TOS.

Khan was gone well before Enterprise. Hell before OUR time right now.

Post S4 would have involved the Romulan-Earth war. Very hard btw to do drama when your opponent isn’t seen and battles are fought in primitive ships with primitive atomic weapons.

The drama would have been how Earth can’t afford a fleet of Enterprise-class ships and has to pump out these fleets of tin cans with atomic warheads attached. Also how the other Fed members refused to fight with Earth. YES you can wiggle around the wordage in Balance of Terror to include the entire Federation planets, but it just would make better drama if Earth has to fight alone.

Denebian slime devils were mentioned in TOS. Dr. Phlox was a native of Denobula.

Fan Fic, wasting five minutes to show that T’Pol had nicitating membranes and show a celot.

Also continuity wasn’t broken with the Borg. As soon as First Contact ended I knew there would be an Enterprise episode played off it…or whenever Enterprise first started. Whichever came first.

That is one of two Star Trek prognostications I’m proud of. The other being that I knew Tasha Yar could return after “Yesterday’s Enterprise”


You saw seven years into the future because that’s how many years elapsed between First Contact (1996) and Regeneration (2003), the Enterprise episode with the Borg. In fact, Enterprise didn’t premiere until 2001.

So as i said, “When Enterprise first started”

Edit: Oops i also said whichever came first. derr


Archer and T’Pol are chased by a celot (sp?) in a Vulcan sandstorm just so he can show Archer her cool extra eyelids.



And also I would like there to be more episodes with her in them. :smiley:

I’d like to see more of Earth’s recovery from the Xindi attack.