What would you like to see in the Enterprise Season Four Premiere?

I know other folks usually start the Trek threads around here… and I know the renewal isn’t quite official, but Variety says it is, and that’s good enough for me.

What I’d like to see is Enterprise back at Earth, being repaired, as Archer recounts the details of everything that’s happened to the crew so far.

I’d like to see Admiral Forrest take an interest in Crewman Daniels and the Temporal Cold War, and decide to show Archer a recovered future-artifact … a life-boat from the Enterprise-E, from which they recovered a phaser (and used its technology to accelerate some purely theoretical work into the current phase pistols) and an emergency transporter unit, which they used similarly.

Why? Well, I think it would firmly kill the specter of ‘continuity violation’ once and for all. It would establish that the events of First Contact had established a truly divergent timeline.

Oh well. That’s mine. What does everyone else want to see?

What about this?

A database error? No thanks. :wink:

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A crippled Enterprise limps into Earth orbit. Loren is in command, aided by 2 T’Pols, Trip, Hoshi, and various members of the contemporary and time-tossed Enterprises. He relates the heroic death of Captain Archer, the destruction of the Xindi Superweapon, and the subsequent treaty with the Xindi against the Sphere Builders.

Berman and Braga strapped to a torpedo, fired into the sun by the DS9 writing staff.

Other than that, get back to the beginnings like the show was supposed to. I wanna see Klingons, Andorians, and Romulans. Get rid of the Suliban and the temporal cold war BS.

Following spiralscratch, I want to see different names under the “executive producer” credit.

Mine, for example. :wink:

Naked Hoshi. Naked T’Pol. No strategically placed objects obstructing my view.

Hoshi is naked in her quarters and masturbating to a picture of T’Pol. Suddenly, T’Pol walks in. One things leads to another, and they end up having hot lesbian sex while kissing passionately. Then, special guest star emekthian walks in on them, and the two women ask him to join in. He does.

Enterprise goes back to Earth, gets a cloaking device (its before the Treaty of Algernon and the Starfleet folks do have the Suliban sphereship), NX-02 is launched. Andorians come to make amends, Vulcans too.
The ships sets out into space back on its original mission. (and then eventually to cross path with the Romulans)

They should get faster warp drive, and a redecorator. And figure out a new name for ‘Tactical Alert’ Like…‘Danger alert’ or ‘red danger’ or ‘Light maroon panic time’

OR something of that effect. Just sayin’, is all.

Romulans. Romulans are always the answer. Start building up to the Romulan War.

Aside from them, I don’t really know although I do like the idea that **Gamera ** suggested in the OP, but not quite so ambitious. None of that remote transportr nonsense… just some scrap metal from an E-E escape pod and a couple near-empty phase compression rifles would be cool.

I’d just personally love to never have to hear or see someone whining about ‘But… that’s not how it’s supposed to happen! Continuity error!’ again.

Star Trek’s well-developed history is both a strength and a weakness.

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Very amusing. The first two or three almost seem plausible.

First Contact has definitely changed the universe that Enterprise is set in but the question is, is it the one we’re familiar with from the other four series or a different one altogether? If it’s the first, everything we thought we knew, we now don’t, and that can be a little too much to wrap your mind around, thus the constant bitching. It’s fucking annoying but partially understandable.

We do need more concrete proof of the E-E’s involvement though. Some people still refuse to believe that the Borg’s involvement has changed everything (and in their defense, they’re partially right. Some of the continuity errors in Trek cannot be explained away by the presence of the Borg, which will have only affected Earth, not the multitude of species and planets surrounding it.)

My personal theory is that the events of First Contact changed things in a small way that led to the Temporal Cold War, which changed more things. The reason the Klingon crashed on Earth in the first episode was because he was couriering (is that a word?) information about the temporal cold war. Since this is not an event in the timeline of Kirk, as far as we can tell, I must assume that in the original timeline there was no temporal cold war, or if there was, it took a less visible course. Therefore, something changed before the events of Broken Bow … and First Contact’s our likely guilty party.

There are still other things that can’t be explained away, like Klingon browridges and Romulan cloaking devices a century too soon.

Pish-posh. There’s nothing one can’t justify if one tries. Romulan cloaking devices? Temporal Cold War - one side wants to beef up the Rommies to give Earth a harder time in the upcoming Romulus-Earth War.

Klingon Brow ridges? The greatest mystery of Star Trek. But let’s examine it.

1.) In Kirk’s timeline, the Klingons had only been encountered sans ridges, else there would be no point for the lack of ridges, which I can only assume was part of some subterfuge on the Klingon’s part. It is possible it was just a widespread cosmetic fad on Q’onos… but I doubt it. (“Queer Eye for the Klinzhai?”)
Also, none of the folks in TOS seemed to wonder why the Klingons had adopted the ridgeless guise - not concrete evidence that the Klingons hadn’t been seen to be ridged, but helpful circumstantial.

2.) Following #1, in Kirk’s timeline, the original ‘disastrous’ First Contact with the Klingons must’ve been with modified ridgeless Klingons. Who knows how long they’d been surgically altering themselves? Possibly not long at all.

3.) Temporal Cold War - Klingons are more concerned about this intertemporal conflict than silly notions of subterfuge, and abandon the ridge removal idea.

(“Until he came along, the Klingons had no word for ‘makeover’…”)

It’s dodgy, but the whole issue of Klingon ridges is dodgy. Were it not for the amusing but historically-abominable Trials and Tribbilations episode of DS9, we could simply write it down as a Retcon and leave it at that.

Using FC as an explanation for all the inconsistancies in Enterprise is possibly more annoying than the fanboys that refuse to admit that it changed some of the history in the first place. Using that method, it allows the writers to totally abandon what they want at will.

I don’t follow your brow ridges explanations. I must be too tired to understand what you’re trying to say… I’ve only had four hours sleep each night for the past week so I’m not operating at full mental capacity here.

The writers can use FC to justify changing things up. That’s the beauty of it. I think giving us a close alternate of the Trek universe’s past is more interesting than giving us the “real” thing, because of the number of things we already know about the “real” timeline. Besides… all we know is what we see. We know Enterprise has Romulans with cloaking devices and Klingons with ridges. We can either whine about it, or attempt to find a plausible explanation.

The brow ridges… hm, let me rephrase and expand.

Either A.) Ridgeless is the natural Klingon state or B.) it was induced for some purpose.

If A, then it appears that between TOS and ST:TMP Klingons gave themselves ridges. Perhaps the ridges are merely an outward manifestation of some genetic engineering they performed on themselves to make themselves stronger. If this is the case, then Enterprise could have Klingons with ridges because the genetic modifications were introduced earlier in this alternate timeline.

If B, then we need to know why the hell they removed their ridges for a while, then put them back. However, in this case, we can assume that in Enterprise’s timeline they never bothered with it … OR that originally, they removed the ridges in 2160 (or other abritrary date after the current date of ENT) and they just hadn’t gotten to it by the time of Broken Bow, and the accidental first contact.

I blame the writers of DS9 … while Worf’s refusal to discuss the changes in Klingon appearance was amusing, it missed out on a chance to put a stake through the heart of the biggest retcon in the history of the Trek universe once and for all. I would blame the make-up guys for ST:TMP, but I can only assume that Roddenberry approved the changes… and one must admit, the ridgey Klingons look better.