Let's Go, Astros!

Way to go! We tie up the series, and come home for 3. What a great game Oswalt pitched!

I’m really psyched. This could definitely be the year.

You are only prolonging the inevitable.
-a bitter and realistic fan of the Phillies

The Astros don’t have Mitch Williams.

-a fan of the Blue Jays

Yeah, but we got a bunch of other guys… :smiley:

I am stoked for this weekend. I am going to the games Sunday and Monday.

I gave up Saturday tickets so I could go see the Houston Cougars play Memphis.

Go Astros and go Cougs.

Allow me to make a completely off-the-wall comment here. Whenever I used to think of the Astros, I would think of those insanely ugly uniforms they used to wear. And so last night, when I turned on the TV, I was stunned by how tasteful their road uniforms are. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they have the nicest road uniforms in the major leagues. They definitely need to be rewarded for that by winning the World Series.

We’ll take it however we can get it.

What insanely ugly uniforms are you referring to? Frankly, the ones we wear now are about as boring as drying mud.

He means this hideous outfit.

I’ll take “boring” any day.

I’m so jealous of you, Middleman! Scream your head off for me, okay?

As an Astros fan living in St. Louis, I can say that Thursday night’s game was extremely gratifying. I started having flashbacks to last October when Edmonds made that catch in the middle of the game, thinking ‘here we go again’ until I remembered that Dan Miceli cannot possibly hurt the Astros with his ‘pitching’ this post-season.


: Cries :

Seriously, I have the Cards winning it all. They would have swept the Phils so I commend y’all for getting a win, but they’re just too good.

Yeah, but postponing the inevitable is the very essence of life itself, right? :wink:

They have terrific uniforms. I like two things about the Astros uniforms:

  1. Their color scheme is red and gold, which is a classic scheme and yet no other major league team uses it.

  2. Their logo is frickin’ awesome.

Very few teams have a team logo that is not a letter, or two letters. Go ahead and look it up; almost every team has a letter logo. The only ones that don’t are the Orioles (a picture of an oriole) Astros (the stylized star) and Indians (racism.) Some teams even add letters to logos that don’t need them. The Mariners have a big ugly S underneath a really cool compass rose logo; the Blue Jays have a balloony J next to a cool little bird logo; the Marlins have a big ugly F underneath a cool marlin.

The Astros logo rocks. I love it.

I predicted the Cardinals to win it all this year despite my love for the Astros. I think it will be a series either way.

Especially if Pettit pitches on Sunday.

Hootie-hoo!!! Astros win 4-3! Series 2-1 Astros.

Let’s go, Astros!

What, no love for Tampa Bay’s little devil ray cap? :smiley:

I’m going today. The second Sunday in a row where I am seeing Backe pitch for the 'Stros. I hope the game isn’t as long as it was last weekend!

I’d love to see them clinch Monday!

Wow. The Astros infield just put on a clinic in the 9th inning today. Just brilliant.

OMG!!! What a game!!! Woo-hoo!!!