Let's go get some Kwality Walls and pleasure up

I’m back from India (see here). Admittidly I’ve been back for almost three weeks, but I’ve been busy.

I have over five hundred pictures to work on, but the first 120 or so are ready and up at http://s76.photobucket.com/albums/j25/smcgroty/India/

It was, without question, the most amazing experience of my life. I will return.

The heat wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. The worst was Agra, but that was probably influenced by the water-bore illness I contracted in Delhi before I left for Agra. By the time I got to Jaisalmer, my last stop, the temperature was of little consequence. I wandered around the town for at least an hour and a half with no undue feeling of exhaustion.

I kept a journal at http://darkon.net/india/ that I plan to expand with additional narratives.

The thread title is a reference to an actual TV commercial for Kwality Walls ice cream. Alas, when I wanted ice cream I couldn’t find a Kwality Walls vendor nearby and therefore couldn’t pleasure up.