Let's have a hurricane pool

Now that Hurricane Season has officially begun, it’s time to bet on which one will be the one to remember from this year. As much as I want to see A Hurricane Called Wanda, it’s too far back in the alphabet too late in the season for real impact. No this year I have to put my money on Hurricane Joaquin. The jokes, they’re endless.

Hurricane Sam? Sam would never hurt you. Hurricane Grace? Hurricane Danny? Hurricane Mindy?

And it would be just plain embarrassing to be whomped by Hurricane Fred.

I’m putting my money on Grace, just because that’s my middle name.

Hurricane Larry makes me smile though.

I’d hate to get soaked by a Hurricane Peter. My bet’s on Henri.

I’ll go with Hurricane Kate. Later this year, it’ll be “HurriKate” this and “HurriKate” that. Wanna make a quick buck? Go register hurrikate.com.


In fact, never mind. I just registered it myself.

Not so fast. Hurrican Wilma (2005) was the most intense hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic. Ruined more than a few people’s days.

Nope. It’s gotta be Ida. Imagine the headlines:

Ida moved, had I thought it would be this bad!
Ida Thought Floridians Would Know Better By Now!

The possibilities are endless.

Maybe we should add a tiebreaker for where the hurricane will hit?

Florida is probably the easiest bet, so I’ll go out on a limb and say,

Ida scheduled my golf vacation for Arizona, if Ida known North Carolina would get hit this hard!

Beware Ida march, is too brutal.

Oh, the pool! I’m going with Hurricane Nicholas.

Me, too: Nicholas

I’m gonna go with Odette.

What do I get if I win?

Hurricane Fred

Should also predict date of land fall, state first hit, wind strength category at landfall, number of fatalities attributed, total property damage, etc.

I’ll take Hurricane Larry.

Tiebreaker: Gulf Coast, between Mobile and Pensacola.

Hurricane Shirley!

I don’t know, I think wave pools are challenging enough.

Looks like hurricanes made it only to Ida – Bill, Fred and Ida were the only real storms this year, with Bill as the worst. A relatively light year for hurricanes.

El Nino strikes again.

Shirley, you can’t be serious. :rolleyes: