Hurricanes Pete and Rose this year...

So it’s a regular thing to keep an eye on hurricane season, not something I expected to have to worry about when we moved to Nwingland, and I was looking up the names for the 2015 season.

Ana, Bill, Ida, yawn. (Although I’ll say right now that Ida gives me a shiver. Let’s revisit this in a few months.)

And then I notice we have Peter, followed by Rose. I bet those storms come in head first.

Not a game to bet on with those names, even if you’re not involved in the outcome.

If they become a major lets hope they don’t gain too much fame.

Ray Fosse bettor make sure he pays the vig.

Bet these storms hustle!

It’d be even better if there was a Charlie this year.

No way! The last Charlie was more than enough.

Or an Edward, his middle name.

Why the discrimination against Q?

The NHC has a good page on cyclone names. (Starting with the fact that “cyclone” is the preferred term over the regional ones like hurricane and typhoon.)

No answer on Q. However, it does reference the Frieda/Fern mystery. :slight_smile:

ETA: Man, 2005 sucked, and Katrina was just one of five reasons why.