Let's Hide Parade Magazine

Once again The Oregonian has hidden Parade magazine in the morass of glossy ad inserts. I spent 15 minutes trying to find it and just gave up. The task of deboning the newspaper has just gotten out of hand. Attention print media: if you want to survive in this day and age you have to offer me a superior product. I’m just about to give up on newspapers.

And why did they move Rex Morgan, M.D. and Mary Worth to a separate page from the rest of the funnies?

shakes cane

Walter Scott’s Personality Parade means that much to you, does it? Surely it’s online somewhere.

They could start by getting rid of Parade Magazine. :smiley:

EDIT: And where’s the ladies pages now? Mildred can’t live without her casserole recipes, crochet patterns and bridge strategy columns!

Ya’ll can just stay off my lawn. :slight_smile:

I don’t care if I can’t find Parade.

But, the comics! Why must they wrap them in ads? Do they think I am actually going to look at the ads?

I love my Sunday paper though.

I can give you a couple of partially reasonable but totally unsatisfactory reasons for why they do this. The first reason is indeed because they want you to handle each and every one of those ads. The second reason is so that when the newspaper is available for sale at a retail outlet (drugstore, grocery store, convenience store) it’s so lowlifes don’t swipe the funnies and/or coupon sections out of the papers and walk out with them. A paper without the funnies is not a paper that can be sold.

I’ve done my share of going through each individual section of the Sunday paper in order to find the comics. I particularly hate when they print half a page of ads, lengthwise, and attach those ads to the long edge of the comics section.

For fuck’s sake …

Thanks, now excuse me while I spread my computer on the dining room table next to my coffee and bacon and eggs.

But really, you are making my point. It takes a few seconds to pull up an electronic version, but lots of effort to separate the wheat from the chaff on the paper version. There is some stuff I’d rather have in printed form, but there is only so much I am willing to put up with to have it. It’s not just the web killing print media, they are shooting themselves in the foot by making it less and less convenient to read.

My son makes the same point about DRMed media. Not only do you have to pay for it, what you end up with is not as good as the stolen version because you are limited as to where you can use it.

I hate that too. The funnies should be sacrosanct. The Oregonian has even started to put wrap-around ads on the front page with a portion of the paper’s logo on them. During the last election an anti-tax group had an adthat looked just like it was a article in the newspaper.

It is harder to find since they shrunk the size some months ago.

Seriously?! “Lots of effort”?! Are you winded afterwards? Can I get you a gatorade or something? Have we Americans become such spoiled pussies that we describe sorting though a small stack of papers looking for something “effort”?

I have a solution. When you do find the section that you have sought so long and fought so hard to acquire, you can pat yourself on the back as a reward for the major accomplishment. Just be advised that finding Parade is only the first step in achieving self actualization. You may have to perform an even more arduous task like finding the left pink bunny slipper your whiny ass misplaced. You might want to stretch before you attempt that one though.

Yes. Yes we have.

Paraphrasing some comedian from the 80s: “My father had two full time jobs! If I go to the bank and the post office on the same day, I’m exhausted!”

I actually like sorting through the inserts. It’s a journey through some segments of American life I might otherwise never see. I never knew I could buy such a big TV from Best Buy! Patio furniture is on sale everywhere, but, in spite of our early spring, I’m just not ready yet. Franklin Mint always has tacky new crap to boggle over, and I could buy a demo Taurus for under 10 grand! I will seriously clip the Colgate coupon; maybe the Febreeze one too.

Sorting the Sunday paper into categories of “read”, “maybe read”, and “burn” is as much a part of my Sunday morning as is drinking coffee, laughing at my bedhead, and anticipating one more day of leisure before heading back to work.

I could get as much information (most likely more) online, but I would miss the physical sifting and leisurely perusal of the inserts.

=Here’s a superior Sunday magazine supplement anyway.

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Oh, thanks a heap, now I have to wipe all the ink off my screen after doing the Numbrix.

For every thousand people who want the ad inserts, three read Parade. (Two read USA Weekend.) I’d say the newspaper people know exactly what they’re doing.

You really need that explained?

“Can I still read Parade…?”