Zits: January 2nd, 2005

Has anyone read the comic Zits for this Sunday? It’s been ages since I’ve literally laughed out loud at a comic, but this one did it. It’s hilarious! I’d love to be able to do that!

(I can’t find a link that shows sunday’s comic yet. I’ll post one as soon as I can find it.)

How did you get tomorrow’s newspaper?

Most papers don’t bother with a bulldog edition over the holidays, but I guess the OP lives in a city where the paper did put one out.

When I was growing up in St Louis, we used to get half of the Sunday paper on Saturday afternoon. Stuff like the comics, the magazine supplements, tv guide, ads, feature sections… most of the non-news stuff. News, sports, etc. showed up on Sunday morning.

Or maybe Diceman is that guy from that tv show “Early Edition”. :wink:

In addition to BobT’s speculation (which sounds reasonable), remember that in most cities, half of the Sunday paper, including the comic section, is published towards the end of the normal work week, and often distributed Friday or Saturday, to be put together with the “news” (as opposed to feature) sections Sunday morning to make up the standard mammoth Sunday newspaper.

Well, the Toronto Star has the comics on Saturday, so I have seen this comic. I didn’t break my record of not laughing out loud at the comics.

it rated a half chortle for me.

It was kind of ‘eh’ for me.


Around here, the two major newspapers (The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press) publish a joint edition on the weekends. One set of Sunday comics comes on saturday, and the other set comes on sunday.

I can’t find a comics website that has sunday’s strips yet. I’ll post a link when I do.

It will be here sometime tomorrow morning

It’s a guy thing. Big destructive power tools = COOL. :smiley:


Reeder, that strip is from 2 weeks ago. (They run the strips 2 weeks behind on that site. Yeah, it sucks.)

Here’s the Jan 2 strip

Thanks, Mr. Blue Sky. I was just about to post a link from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that has today’s strip.

Here’s a laugh out loud funny comic strip
Get Fuzzy

“What is this hockey of which you speak?”
“You’re probably too young to remember.”

All I can say is, the author of Zits (does Borgman write it or just draw it?) definitely has a teenage kid.

I’ve got a teenage daughter, and it is amazing just how many strips capture her behavior.

My favorite strip (NOT applicable to my daughter) is one where Jeremy comes home holding his head, saying “Hector hit me with a rock!”. His mother is all “Goodness! What on earth were you doing?” Jeremy’s reply? “Throwing rocks at each other.”

It just seems to sum up the teenage male mindset perfectly…

They still do it. It’s actually quite convenient if you’re looking to buy something. You can flip through the ads on Saturday afternoon and decide whether the price is better right then, or if you want to wait until Sunday.

There’s also a full bulldog edition of the Sunday paper available at about noon on Saturdays.