Let's list all of the Beatles' top 10 hits

I’m sure there is a list of Beatles hits on the 'Net somewhere, but let’s try to do this from memory first.

I’m interested to see how long this thread gets before we run out of ideas.

Here are the rules: One song per post. Do not post twice in a row. Do not post a song from the same album as the previous post.

I’ll start you out, with the timely:

When I’m Sixty-four

Since we’re doing this from memory, I won’t check, but as timely as your selection is, I don’t believe that was a top ten. Here’s one:

I Want to Hold Your Hand

We’ll find out soon enough.

Come Together

Hey Jude. There, I’ll stop hogging the thread.

Hog away. I won’t be able to babysit this thread, and we have a long way to go.


Hmmm, I’ll toss in Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova.


I Feel Fine

No, really, I do.

Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

Okay, I doubt that was a “Top Ten”, but I had to post it anyway. I have an idea to make this thread tougher: try to post a top ten that has something to do with your username.

Back in a bit when I think of a real top ten.

Yellow Submarine
(You see, clams live underwater, and… oh, forget it.)

Free as a Cynical Marketing Exercise (1995)

I’ll buy it, Happy Clam! Enjoying your stretch…

Well, I’ll bet “Nowhere Man” was a Top Ten. So, that’s my legit “anotherprimate” reference.

In the spirit of “Not a top ten, but…” and “related to username” I’ll submit:

“In My Life”

If you can figure out the tenuous relationship to username, you’re a genius!


The connection to my user name? What do you think George played the guitar solo on? (Actually, I’m just assuming that’s what he used.)

Top Ten Beatles Songs About Shrews:

  1. Old Brown Shrew
  2. I’m Looking Shrew You
  3. Love Me Shrew
  4. Shrew Jay Way
  5. Shrews Came In Through The Bathroom Window
  6. I’m a Shrew, Sir
  7. P.S. I Love Shrews
  8. Shrew Said Shrew Said
  9. Shrewberry Fields Forever
  10. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Biffy

Laugh! Very clever. How about “Memories and elephants are playing”… oh. Oops. Way wrong band. Gosh, there Has To Be an elephant in that circusy song on Sgt Pepper… dancing through a hogshead of real fire, and of course, Henry the horse dances the waltz… Dang. Can’t remember many of the lyrics.

K364 and “In My Life”: Stumped. You lose someone important to you in March of 1964? You found someone then?

I’m guessing K364 refers to Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante. (Mozart’s works are categorized according to Koechel catalog numbers, that’s the K in K364).

I can’t quite find the connection between that and “In My Life.” There’s a keyboard solo, but that sounds more Baroque than Classical.

Well, I said it was tenuous! But you figured it out, so well done!

Mozart’s early keyboard stuff, especially played on the clavichord or harpsichord have the same fussy feel of the “In My Life” solo. And if you had to pick a Mozart Moment in the Beatle’s work, what else* would it be?

*Piggies has a very similar keyboard solo.

Now, an official #1 (I think only in N. America): “Eight Days A Week”

Martha My Dear

Does it have to be the US Top Ten?

“Mr Moonlight”. Because that’s as close as they got to a mambo.