"Let's Make A Deal"

Is “Let’s Make A Deal” with Monty Hall being shown anywhere currently?

If my memory is correct there was never a Zoink (my spelling) as parof the “Big Deal of the Day” and there certainly were never two zoinks.

Has any made note of the ratio of contestents actually getting zoinked to contestants being informed that they had avoided being zoinked?

Am I the only person who feels that Monty Hall could have been telling a lie when he said that a contestant had avoidded being zoinked?

It’s “zonk,” not “zoink.” “Zoink” (or really “zoinks”) is from Scooby-Doo.

Game Show Network had shown reruns as recently as earlier this year but I don’t think they are currently scheduled. Which is fine with me as I never cared for the show.

There’s a debate that crops up here very once in a while about how the odds were on wining, and how those odds changed as contestants made their choices.

Trya search in the archives.

Let’s Make a Deal is shown on the Game Show Network every morning at 8 am, Central time.

I actually like the show. I think Monty Hall had a good gameshow host personality. The show had a kind of freeform chaotic-ness to it that appeals to me for some reason. Also it’s kind of nostalgically fun to see what new cars sold for in the late sixties and seventies.

I believe that your recollection about the zonks is correct, at least as far as the last big prize is concerned.

Is it just me, or is this show just RIPE for a remake?

I’ve often wondered why they haven’t tried a remake of it yet. It’s still wildly popular, fairly cheap to produce, just old enough to generate a sense of nostalgia, and just wacky enough to attract a (somewhat) younger crowd of devotees.

They recently did a remake hosted by the horrible, horrible Billy Bush. It couldn’t have been more than a year ago.

If I remember right, it started out okay but then quickly disappeared.

I think they might have tried to make it a little too young and hip.

Ask Unca Cece:


emulsified, you are correct, on every point.

Actually, I like the older version - sort of a time capsule of a by-gone era. Winning shag carpets, 8 track cassette decks, tv’s without remotes, cars with price stickers that make you laugh out loud, trips on airlines that don’t even exist anymore…

We can all agree that if:

There was a demonstration with a box with sixty large envelopes, each of which containing three smaller envelopes labeled A, B and C but otherwise identical and

Being told that one envelope in each large enelope contains aa One Hundred Dolllar Note and the othe two contain One Dollar notes. and

Having seen at least fifteen people being given a choice of an envelope, and then being shown that one of evelopes that they did not choose contained a One Dollar Note followin which they were given the option a staying or switching. Then

The correct stratagy would be to choose the envelope you think is LEAST likely to contain the One Hundred Dollar Note, And SWITCH.

I hope that we all can agree that this is not how “Let’s Make A Deal” actually worked and

I hereby lay claim to being the first person to suggest that:
When Montey Hall told a contestant that he/she had just avoided being zonked, THAT May have been a lie!

I seriously object to the idea that any gameshow should be in Cafe Society, the arts forum. :dubious: