Let's make a salad.


  1. No repeat posts - only one ingredient per guest.
  2. No store bought dressings.
  3. No anchovies.
    I’ll start:

Rub inside of large chilled salad bowl with one freshly cut clove of garlic…

Would you really want to eat a salad designed by committee?


I didn’t say anything about eating it. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I might. Let’s see what happens.

Chop a green onion - both white and light green parts.

halve a pound of cherry tomatoes.

Crumbled blue cheese…

A half pint of kalamata olives, cut in half.

Baby spinach

beetroot boiled in sugar and balsamic vinegar.

Pomegranate seeds

Lots of crunchy and delicious iceberg lettuce.

Thinly slice three Persian Cucumbers…

chopped celery

chunks of white meat chicken

Crumbled crispy bacon (bacon makes everything better)

I would totally eat this.


Bacon and blue cheese have already been mentioned, so I’ll complete the holy trinity: avocado!!


Thawed baby green peas.