Let's Make Romney Into A "Regular" Guy

One time, Mitt Romney saw a puppy…and he smiled.

With New & Improved Colon Blow™ Cereal! :slight_smile:

One time, Mitt had store-brand ice cream.

His pants go on one leg at a time. Although in Romney’s case the pants are put on his legs by two venerable English butlers wearing white gloves.

After participating in his favorite sport: “Urban big-game hunting”, he stables his own horse.

He once cleaned dog shit off the roof of his own car.

He also enjoys discussing sport. The Ny Mets are his favorite squadron.

They sent the kids to private day schools instead of private boarding schools. They also only had one nanny for five kids instead of five nannies for five kids. Why Mitt and Ann even changed diapers a few times!

And he gets where the kids are coming from. His favorite Beetle is the tall one with the hat.

He’d give the magic underpants off his butt to help someone.

Just like a regular guy he’ll complain about the car elevator taking too long to show up.

Really? Mine go on both legs at once. He must be quite flexible.

He personally picked out the Chinese orphans who make his sweat socks.

He wears Costco clothes. No, really (no, I’m not convinced either).

I’m not too surprised that Ann shops there for some stuff (their 6-month to a year supply of food, for one thing), but I doubt that Mitt wore Costco shirts prior to, say, six weeks ago.

Mitt understands what it is like for a family which brings home $60 grand a year: he pays the same tax rate as them.

When Mitt was a school boy, his chauffer had to drive to school through the snow, uphill, BOTH WAYS.

His wife’s second Cadillac is only washed every other day and she only has one chauffeur for both cars.

The car lift in his garage is electric, not hydraulic. The wait time is almost intolerable, but he deals with it.

Mitt’s hair stylist has two other customers, just like regular people.

Mitt cooks dinner from scratch at all four of his houses.

Could Mitt look this comfortable at the beach?

Mitt doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does…

…he denies it completely at temple the next day.

Polygamy Porter “Why have just one?”